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Oppo Challenging Samsung with New Flip Foldable Internationally

by Ville-Petteri Ukonaho | Dec 16, 2022

Oppo held its INNO DAY 2022 week 50. During the event they launched their next generation of foldables. Oppo is following in Samsung’s footsteps as it launched both booklet and flip foldables, Find N2 and Find N2 Flip. With the Find N2 and first flip-style device, the Find N2 Flip, OPPO is confidently competing in this growing segment of the smartphone market.

OPPO Find N2

OPPO Find N2 is the successor to their debut foldable phone, the OPPO Find N. The device is lighter and at 233g it is lighter than iPhone 14 Pro Max. The device comes with two memory variants and extremely competitive retail pricing. The smaller variant is 12GB RAM+256GB internal at RMB 7999 (USD1147) and bigger one is 12GB RAM+512GB internal at RMB 8999 (USD1290). Both variants are significantly cheaper than Samsung Fold4 and compete well with recently launched Honor Magic Vs.

One of the main improvements is the new hinge. Based on the first-generation Flexion Hinge, OPPO has created a smaller, thinner, and more robust hinge system for the Find N2. The second-generation Flexion Hinge adopts industry-leading materials, including carbon fibre and high-strength alloy used in the aviation industry, and is built from 100 components – 36 fewer than the previous generation. The improved hinge also gives the Find N2 no gap when the device is closed which makes a clear distinction to the Samsung Fold4 that has a visible gap when closed. The Find N2 is also very slim, measuring just 14.6mm when closed, however, Honor Magic Vs is even thinner at 12.9mm, Fold4 is thickest at 15.8mm.

Compared to Magic Vs and Fold4, the Find N2 has smallest inner (and outer) display at 7.1” (5.54”) against Magic Vs 7.9” (6.45”) and Fold4 7.6” (6.2”). All three are equipped with the same Qualcomm processor and very similar camera setups. The Find N2 is only going to be available in China which is a real issue when both Magic Vs and Fold4 are available also outside China market.


OPPO Find N2 Flip

OPPO Find N2 Flip is OPPO’s direct competitor to RAZR 2022, Galaxy Fold4 and Huawei’s Pocket S. Find N2 Flip is to become OPPO’s first foldable smartphone to launch in global markets. The device has competitive specs and will surely give Samsung and Motorola tough competition in the international markets.

The device has the largest cover screen (3.2”) on any flip phone (Pocket S 1.04”, Flip4 1.9”, RAZR 2022 2.7"). Also, the second-generation Flexion Hinge with waterdrop design, will give the device the same look as its bigger brother without a gap when the device is closed.

The device is also competitively priced and will compete well against its main competitors. It comes in three memory variants: 8GB RAM+256GB internal at RMB 5999 (USD860), 12GB RAM+256GB internal at RMB 6399 (USD917), and 16GB RAM+512GB internal at RMB 6999 (USD1004). In addition to competitive pricing, it has the biggest battery of the trio at 4300mAh. Combined with the custom MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ chipset for improved power consumption it will be the best flip phone in the market regarding usage times.

After launching in China, OPPO will officially bring the Find N2 Flip to global markets, including most European countries during early 2023. Flip foldables are outselling booklets almost 2:1 so the device will surely be a welcomed addition to the market. The convenience of carrying a smaller device with a big display explains the success.

Clients of our Device Technologies (EDT) service can learn more about foldable display market in different regions from the report Analysis: Global Foldable Display Smartphone Vendor Market Share by Region: Q3 2022.

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