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Can Tile Beat Apple AirTags?

by Neil Mawston | May 20, 2021

Tile has ruled the global roost for Bluetooth device trackers / finders / locators since launch around 2012. Those little blocks you stick on housekeys or a smartphone, in case they get lost, to beam their location, are immensely useful to many. Tile has valiantly fended off competition from Chipolo, MuseGear, Samsung and others for years and years.

But the arrival of Apple AirTags in 2021 must now be causing sleepless nights at Tile HQ in the US. AirTags look very finder-friendly, surprisingly affordable, and backed  by the famous Apple brand. It is hard to see how Tile can stay ahead. Apple has a much bigger retail footprint worldwide, and AirTags can be up-sold or cross-sold to a billion i-fans in over 100 countries.

What can Tile do, to beat Apple? It can lower prices, of course. It can partner deeper with more retailers, such as (say) Flipkart in India. It can innovate with new tech, such as 5G tiles. But, perhaps, the most likely route will (eventually) be a merger or takeover with a bigger mobile player. Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Verizon, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and others could find Tile a tempting prospect in 2022.

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