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Sony Keeps Focus on Premium Image Sensors for 2022

by Jeffrey Mathews | Jun 14, 2022

The smartphone industry is racing to reach superior levels of photography experiences with the introduction of new cameras in devices that can capture amazing visuals.  Smartphone OEMs have established strategic partnerships with CIS vendors to introduce image sensors for their own flagship devices. This is enabling the development of smartphone image sensors that are capable of strongly competing with DSLR cameras.

Sony Semiconductor Solutions is one such vendor that has thrived on partnerships with leading Smartphone OEMs to provide custom CIS products featuring large sensor size, high resolution and new color filter arrays. In 2022, Sony has already introduced a strong set of image sensors that have seen qualification in premium and high-tier smartphones launched this year.

We highlight the features of Sony’s latest high-resolution sensors for 2022 below.

Sony IMX709

  • This sensor boasts a 32MP resolution with a sensor size of 1/2.74” and a pixel pitch of 0.8 µm. The sensor’s capabilities are driven by the application of an RGBW color filter array that features two W pixels added to R, G and B pixel allowing the sensor to detect red, green, blue and white signals. The color filter array boosts photosensitive performance by keeping the color information, making the sensor ideal for night-time shooting. The smaller profile enables the sensor for selfie camera applications to provide strong low-light capturing with impressive details.
  • The sensor provides 4K video recording at 60fps with HDR and EIS.  The sensor also consumes less power compared to the previous IMX615 sensor.

Image Source: Oppo

Sony IMX707

  • This is a 50MP resolution sensor with a pixel size of 1.22μm and a sensor format of 1/1.28". The sensor’s big pixel size combined with its high resolution and large size strongly position the sensor as a premium sensor for rear wide camera applications. The sensor captures nearly 50 percent more light compared to IMX700, this enables a superior night photography experience.
  • The sensor’s capabilities are further driven in various low-light scenarios using the near-pixel binning mechanism to boost the pixel size to 2.44µm. The sensor also supports 8K video recording at 24fps and 4K at 60fps/30fps with HDR support.

Image Source: Xiaomi

Sony IMX866

  • The image sensor has a sensor size of 1/1.49" combined with a resolution of 50MP and pixel size of 1.0μm.  The sensor also features a dual aspect ratio especially when recording videos, the sensor shoots at 16:11 allowing for wider coverage of the subject.  This is driven by the large sensor size. This makes it ideal for both rear wide and rear ultrawide camera applications.
  • The sensor’s large profile enables for stronger light intake and allows it to capture impressive details in low-lit environments. This aspect is further improved by the use of an RGBW color filter array that improves light sensitivity and reduces noise, making it optimized for low-light photography. The sensor supports 4K video recording at both 30 and 60fps with EIS and real-time HDR support.