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  • Coronavirus Disruption to Automotive

    by Kevin Mak | Mar 23, 2020
    Originally published on March 5th, 2020 The coronavirus or COVID-19 is causing a number of issues that will adversely affect the automotive sector: Loss o... ...
  • Chris Webber: Loyalty and Teamwork Matter

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 23, 2020
    It was 31 years ago that Chris Webber, vice president of the Global Automotive Practice (GAP) at Strategy Analytics, began his automotive research and consultin... ...
  • UAW Rescues GM's EV Plans

    by Roger Lanctot | Jan 30, 2020
    On Monday, General Motors announced its production plans for its Hamtramck assembly plant to include the company’s first all-electric pickup, to be foll... ...
  • Savings Tip the Balance to EVs

    by Roger Lanctot | Jan 30, 2020
    In a rare and perhaps unfortunate moment of candor, Cruise Automation CEO Dan Ammann wrote, in his blog post describing the emergence of Cruise (a subsidia... ...
  • Even California Can't Save Hydrogen

    by Roger Lanctot | Dec 30, 2019
    Fisita World Mobility Summit 2019 in Nagoya, Japan, brought together powerful perspectives on everything from vehicle architectures (Visteon), to open source so... ...
  • Who's Driving This Car Anyway?

    by Roger Lanctot | Dec 29, 2019
    My Lyft driver in San Jose thought his Hyundai had “autopilot,” alluding I suspected, to Tesla Motors’ feature of the same name which has plac... ...
  • AAA: Killer Safety Systems

    by Roger Lanctot | Dec 18, 2019
    AAA is out with a new study, conducted on its behalf by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, that purports to show, among other things, that advanced aut... ...
  • Tesla Cybertruck: “Not for Everyone” - Elon Said It

    by Edward Sanchez | Nov 22, 2019
    Like probably many of you reading this now, I sat in rapt anticipation of the Tesla Cybertruck unveil on November 21, 2019. Several teaser tweets went out leadi... ...
  • Mustang Mach-E! -> F-150-E?

    by Roger Lanctot | Nov 19, 2019
    Ford Motor Company detonated an epochal explosive in the form of an electrified Mustang SUV on the eve of the Los Angeles Auto Show last night. The move ma... ...
  • Electrification: Volvo Targets Carbon Footprint Beyond Its Product Offerings

    by Kevin Mak | Oct 17, 2019
    Yesterday, Volvo launched its new XC40 Recharge, a battery electric variant of its compact crossover. The new model will be offering similar features to the Po... ...
  • Auto Architecture: The Need for Speed

    by Roger Lanctot | Oct 07, 2019
    Automotive makers and their suppliers are jacking up the processing power being introduced to cars along with higher speed wireless external connections. T... ...
  • Connected Cars: Forget about 5G

    by Roger Lanctot | Sep 18, 2019
    There is a vast amount of hubbub in the automotive industry regarding the onset of 5G technology. Industry excitement is manifest in the 5G Automotive Asso... ...
  • Let's Pass the Hot Cars Act of 2019

    by Roger Lanctot | Sep 18, 2019
    It's happened again. The 42nd fatality of 2019 in the U.S. from a child being left behind in a hot car has occurred - this time, in New Mexico. While horrific a... ...
  • Ford Prioritizes Safety; Revolutionizes Connectivity

    by Roger Lanctot | Sep 11, 2019
    Ford Motor Company’s debt may have been downgraded to junk this week, but the company’s savvy strategy for vehicle safety and connectivity has had a... ...
  • Can SiC and GaN-based power electronics open a “window of profitability” for the automotive semiconductor industry?

    by Asif Anwar | Jul 16, 2019
    We’ve just released the Strategy Analytics Powertrain Body Chassis & Safety (PBCS) service report, “HEV-EV Semiconductor Technology Outlook: Wha... ...
  • Your Insurance Company is Telling You How to Drive

    by Roger Lanctot | Jul 05, 2019
    Millions of Americans will be setting out on the nation’s highways to return home from Fourth of July (Independence Day) celebrations this weekend. ... ...
  • EC Hits the Brakes on V2V

    by Roger Lanctot | Jul 04, 2019
    In the midst of a turbulent post-election session the European Commission voted today to reject proposed technical legislation seeking to set Wi-Fi-based commun... ...
  • Grote wird zu Winterkorn

    by Roger Lanctot | Jun 28, 2019
    Five years ago at the CeBIT Fair in Hannover, Germany, then Volkswagen Chairman of the Board Martin Winterkorn warned his listeners of the “Datenkrake&rdq... ...
  • How will the changing goal posts across ADAS and Autonomy shape Xilinx’s Automotive Opportunity for its Versal Architecture?

    by Asif Anwar | Jun 19, 2019
    Xilinx has made steady progress in the automotive market with penetration at 29 vehicle makes and 111 models in 2018. To-date, the company has shipped over 150 ... ...
  • Fully Charged Live 2019

    by Kevin Mak | Jun 12, 2019
    Last weekend, I attended the second year of the Fully Charged Live show.  If you are not familiar with Fully Charged, it’s a series of light-hearted ... ...

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