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  • New Vision for Traffic Cameras in 2016

    by Roger Lanctot | Jan 03, 2016
    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a traffic camera video may be worth millions. TrafficLand is poised to transform forever the use of traffic camera... ...
  • 2015's Unfinished Automotive Business

    by Roger Lanctot | Dec 31, 2015
    The farther we come, the farther we have to go. While progress in advancing personal transportation was made in 2015, the year closes with glaring elements of ... ...
  • Amazon as Chief Disruptor of 2016

    by Roger Lanctot | Dec 30, 2015
    Imagine Google without the invasion of privacy or Apple without the proprietary platform and technologies and what you have is Amazon.  Amazon closes 2015... ...
  • CES 2016 & VW's Pretzel Logic

    by Roger Lanctot | Dec 15, 2015
    Observers may be forgiven for viewing Volkswagen’s keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show in January as an act of contortion worthy of Cirque du Soleil.... ...
  • Radio Will Survive Dashboard Clash

    by Roger Lanctot | Dec 10, 2015
    The so-called battle for the automotive dashboard is not a zero sum game and radio will win.  Let's consider the latest infotainment insurgencies. SiriusX... ...
  • Tesla Has Auto Industry Facing the Autopilot Blues

    by Roger Lanctot | Dec 07, 2015
    Tesla’s launch of autopilot on the Model S P85/P90 has the auto industry singing the blues. Few auto makers are prepared to launch similar functionality ... ...
  • The Death of Radio Traffic Reports Foretold - Prematurely

    by Roger Lanctot | Nov 30, 2015
    In May of 1897, American writer and humorist Mark Twain wrote a letter explaining that an ailing cousin in Europe was stimulating press reports of his passing.&... ...
  • Auto Industry: Crossroads or Cliff

    by Roger Lanctot | Nov 25, 2015
    Consumers are buying more new cars, keeping them longer, driving them less and dying more often. That is the tale of the automotive industry in the U.S. in 201... ...
  • Ford Zigs with LTE while Zagging with Wi-Fi

    by Roger Lanctot | Nov 17, 2015
    Ford has announced its plans to launch its first vehicle with an optional built-in LTE connection, the 2016 Ford Escape, while simultaneously maintaining its cl... ...
  • CCE: Getting Back to Blue Button Basics

    by Roger Lanctot | Nov 16, 2015
    The biggest question facing the Connected Car Expo (opening Tuesday) this week – part of the Los Angeles Auto Show – is determining precisely what ... ...
  • Hands-On Experience With Tesla Autopilot

    by Angelos Lakrintis | Nov 13, 2015
    Tesla Motors recently hosted a test drive event at Chicheley Hall, UK, and so I took this opportunity to experience the Autopilot suite of semi-autonomous drivi... ...
  • Where's Samsung?

    by Roger Lanctot | Nov 06, 2015
    Two questions arise every year about this time in the automotive industry. Will Apple buy TomTom? Where is Samsung? Apple and TomTom appear to be content with ... ...
  • Tesla: The Donald Trump of the Auto Industry

    by Roger Lanctot | Oct 28, 2015
    U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Tesla Motors have a lot in common. Both have proven to be disruptors of their respective markets while simultaneou... ...
  • A $100M Learning Experience from Brazil

    by Roger Lanctot | Oct 22, 2015
    With Brazil’s automotive market in the midst of a deep swoon, the industry got one tiny bit of good news this week: the Contran 245 mandate was suspended... ...
  • OEMs Must Get Involved in Distraction Debate

    by Chris Schreiner | Oct 22, 2015
    This week, AAA released their latest round of distraction research which focused on hands-free in-vehicle infotainment systems.  In one study, 10 different... ...
  • Greater Security through Connectivity

    by Roger Lanctot | Oct 15, 2015
    The automotive security situation is bad. How bad is it? Only 19% of industry executives surveyed by The Ponemon Institute on behalf of Rogue Wave Software and... ...
  • VW's Horn Shows Us All How to Testify before Congress

    by Roger Lanctot | Oct 09, 2015
    Listening to the playback of Volkswagen North America President and CEO Michael Horn’s testimony before the House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on O... ...
  • Volvo Wants U.S. Help with Autonomous Vehicle Leadership

    by Roger Lanctot | Oct 08, 2015
    One of the more curious aspects of the onset of autonomous vehicles is the widespread suggestion that special driver’s licenses will be required. The ide... ...
  • No Apple, No Google, No Uber, Oh, My!

    by Roger Lanctot | Oct 06, 2015
    How do you talk about the future of transportation in this day and age without talking about Apple, Google and Uber?  Attend the 22nd ITS World Congress i... ...
  • ADAS Recalls Highlight the Considerable Autonomous Vehicles Challenges

    by Ian Riches | Oct 05, 2015
    Ford has recently had to re-call 36,857 of its 2015 Ford F-150 pickup trucks in North America for unexpected braking behavior in the adaptive cruise control sys... ...

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