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  • Tesla: The Day the Auto Industry Stood Still

    by Roger Lanctot | Apr 24, 2019
    Tesla Motors held an investor event at its Palo Alto headquarters yesterday. CEO Elon Musk and a series of Tesla executives announced a new in-house develo... ...
  • EU Must Embrace V2V Neutrality

    by Roger Lanctot | Apr 17, 2019
    The European Union is on the cusp of making its greatest connected car blunder since the adoption of the eCall mandate which went into effect one year ago this ... ...
  • How Consumer Behavior and Choices will Shape Tomorrow's Mobility Ecosystem

    by Kevin Nolan | Apr 03, 2019
    On April 3rd 2019, Kevin Nolan, Vice President, UX Innovation at Strategy Analytics gave a presentation to the Vehicle Electronics and Connected Services&... ...
  • Autonomous Vehicle Testing Report from Beijing Government

    by Roger Lanctot | Apr 03, 2019
    On March 29th 2019, Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport published the “2018 Autonomous Vehicle Testing Report in Beijing”, which was the first... ...
  • GM's Technological Orphans - Gone Forever, or Poised for a Comeback?

    by Edward Sanchez | Apr 02, 2019
    In the last few years, General Motors has released several technologies on a small number of models that held great promise, only to discontinue those models or... ...
  • Nio's Nomi Makes Innovation Statement

    by Roger Lanctot | Apr 01, 2019
    When NextEV U.S. CEO Padmasree Warrior spoke at AutomobilityLA more than two years ago she was one of only two female CEOs of car companies in the world. N... ...
  • Which Way is Up for Uber, Lyft?

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 29, 2019
    Lyft's initial public offering today is expected to be the biggest tech offering in two years. A public offering is very much like an elevator and everyone gett... ...
  • Lyft IPO & Auto Industry Annihilation

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 25, 2019
    The good news is that Lyft’s initial public offering is over-subscribed, according to published reports. That also happens to be the bad news. Like... ...
  • Self-Certification Insufficient?

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 25, 2019
    The crash of Ethiopia Air Flight 961 may have a negative impact on the development of autonomous vehicle technology. The Federal Aviation Administration ... ...
  • Future Networked Car: V2V Veers into Crazytown

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 08, 2019
    Car makers, tech companies and wireless carriers are on a path to introduce inter-vehicle communications capable of providing additional data to help prevent ... ...
  • Polestar 2: Radio Shock

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 08, 2019
    The electrified Polestar 2 was the belle of the ball at the Geneva International Motor Show this past week. This Tesla Motors Model 3 killer won’t ar... ...
  • Green Rhetoric Is Not Enough – Urgency in Electrification Is Needed Among OEMs

    by Kevin Mak | Mar 08, 2019
    This year’s Geneva Motor Show revealed a large group of around 30 new electrified models and concepts, mostly featuring battery electric and plug-in hybri... ...
  • Lyft IPO Paints Perilous Profitless Picture

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 08, 2019
    Lyft’s S1 filing for its IPO is a sobering read, as such documents often are, requiring, as they do, the full disclosure of current financial circumstance... ...
  • No Cord Cutting of Autonomous Cars

    by Roger Lanctot | Feb 22, 2019
    The automotive industry is a world of contradictions. Nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of connected cars. Car makers remain utterly conf... ...
  • Stemming Mobility's Race to the Bottom

    by Roger Lanctot | Feb 21, 2019
    Pundits and pontificators are publishing viewpoints on a utopian future of smart cities and optimized transportation options populated with new mobility solutio... ...
  • London Taxis: Rancor in the Ranks

    by Roger Lanctot | Feb 18, 2019
    Taxi drivers across the world feel embattled – hemmed in physically by worsening traffic and financially by ride-hailing services. In London, there i... ...

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