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  • Early AV Rider Research: Garbage In, Garbage Out

    by Chris Schreiner | Jun 18, 2020
    Over the past decade, Strategy Analytics has published several reports on the AV industry's effort to understand rider UX in a driverless car.  Or, more ac... ...
  • COVID-19: Transit-Mobility Showdown

    by Roger Lanctot | Jun 18, 2020
    Car makers and ride hailing operators are licking their chops in anticipation as economies emerge from lockdowns and human beings return to public spaces. ... ...
  • Electric Vehicles Position Automotive Sensors for Growth

    by Asif Anwar | Jun 18, 2020
    Sensor market growth will be dictated by an expected increase in demand for electric vehicles. The Strategy Analytics Powertrain Body Chassis and Safety (PBCS) ... ...
  • COVID-19: The Fate of the Fearless

    by Roger Lanctot | Jun 09, 2020
    As I listened last Friday to Automotive News Publisher Jason Stein interview Scott Corwin, managing partner and "Future of Mobility" practice leader at Deloitte... ...
  • Google Coming to Your Car

    by Roger Lanctot | Jun 07, 2020
    Casual observers of the automobile industry are quick to compare connected cars to "smartphones on wheels." It's a simple way of looking at things that makes so... ...
  • Cruise Controlling Its Destiny

    by Roger Lanctot | Jun 04, 2020
    The Information tells us today that General Motors' Cruise Automation self-driving car unit has acquired automotive radar maker Astyx. The move can be seen as a... ...
  • Partitions Divide Ride Hail Operators

    by Roger Lanctot | Jun 02, 2020
    It seems so obvious to me. Ride hailing companies and taxi cabs or any for-hire automobile-based transportation, should be retrofitted (if not already equi... ...
  • Tesla: Driving on the Edge

    by Roger Lanctot | Jun 01, 2020
    It's happened again. Yesterday, on a highway in Taiwan, a Tesla Model 3 plowed into the trailer of an overturned truck. Accounts of the event suggest the vehicl... ...
  • COVID-19: Yesterday's Gone, or is It?

    by Roger Lanctot | May 29, 2020
    Some people, U.S. President Donald J. Trump among them, will have you believe that one day, soon, we will wake up and everything will be as it was before the ar... ...
  • Bolt: Mobility's Profit Prophet

    by Roger Lanctot | May 28, 2020
    Markus Villig, the CEO of ride-hailing operator Bolt, had good news for his fellow panelists on an April mobility-focused Webcast put on by The Information. The... ...
  • Electrification and Safety will pull Automotive Semiconductor Market Free from COVID-19

    by Asif Anwar | May 27, 2020
    The full impact of COVID-19 in economic and supply chain disruption terms, remains a dynamic variable that will dictate automotive semiconductor demand in the n... ...
  • COVID Uber-trage Hits Mobility

    by Roger Lanctot | May 25, 2020
    If you’re wondering what the long-term impact of Uber Technologies has been on the transportation industry you need look no further than this weekend&rsqu... ...
  • Denial Won't Save the Mobility Sector

    by Roger Lanctot | May 22, 2020
    The once-vaunted mobility sector is in the toilet. Ride hailing demand has plunged as much as 80% around the world - with the possible exception of markets in r... ...
  • A Road Safety Postcard from Sweden

    by Roger Lanctot | May 15, 2020
    In February, the U.S. became the only country of 140 participating in the Third Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety (a joint effort of the United Nat... ...
  • NVIDIA and Jensen are Trying to Make a Positronic Brain?

    by Angelos Lakrintis | May 14, 2020
    The year is 2035; humanoid robots serve humanity, which is protected by the Three Laws of Robotics. Every robot and machine created has a positronic brain. This... ...

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