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  • Signs of Maturity in Automotive OTA

    by Ian Riches | Oct 19, 2021
    The Automotive Software Survey 2021, conducted by Strategy Analytics and Aurora Labs, has now been published. One of the key findings was that there was signif... ...
  • BMW's Grote Wants to be First, Not Last

    by Roger Lanctot | Sep 24, 2021
    A must-see session at the recent IAA Mobility event held in Munich a couple weeks ago was “What the Future Holds for Automotive Software” which feat... ...
  • The Wireless Carrier Coverage Con

    by Roger Lanctot | Sep 23, 2021
    In the U.S., individual wireless carriers routinely claim to offer superior service often in the form of “coverage” in their advertising. For e... ...
  • Calming Automotive Cybersecurity's Perfect Storm

    by Roger Lanctot | Sep 14, 2021
    Of all the challenges facing the automotive industry – chip shortages, electrification, automation – none is more troubling than preserving cybersec... ...
  • IAA Mobility: The Un-Car Show

    by Roger Lanctot | Sep 13, 2021
    IAA Mobility held in Munich last week was the first post-pandemic international auto show to take place outside of China. The organizers positioned automot... ...
  • MWC: Musk's Massive Mobile Gambit

    by Roger Lanctot | Aug 03, 2021
    A few weeks ago Mobile World Congress included among its keynotes a live interview with Tesla CEO Elon Musk moderated by Mobile World Live Publisher Justin Spri... ...
  • Wireless Transportation Disruption

    by Roger Lanctot | Aug 02, 2021
    One of the toughest tech tasks is adopting a new emerging technology that is fundamentally incompatible with the old. In the realm of connected cars, car m... ...
  • RoadMedic Delivers Emergency Response Data Breakthrough

    by Roger Lanctot | Aug 02, 2021
    Twenty-five years after General Motors launched its OnStar automatic crash notification service, Next Generation 9-1-1 has finally arrived thanks to a company c... ...
  • Amazon: Close is Not Enough in Mapping

    by Roger Lanctot | Aug 02, 2021
    A report in The Information highlights multiple circumstances where Amazon trucks are getting stuck on dead end streets after being misled by navigation maps pr... ...
  • Hotz Holds Industry Hostage

    by Roger Lanctot | Aug 02, 2021 held its Comma_con event Saturday to highlight the progress the company had made in its pursuit of developing an open source aftermarket self-driving c... ...
  • 5G Automotive Standards, Licensing Fosters Fast Adoption

    by Roger Lanctot | May 28, 2021
    The adoption of 5G technology in the automotive industry is proceeding quietly but rapidly. Indications are that 18 car makers from around the world have c... ...
  • CTA Proclaims Return of CES to Vegas in 2022

    by Roger Lanctot | May 03, 2021
    The Consumer Technology Association announced yesterday the return of the Consumer Electronics Show – CES – to its home at the Las Vegas Conventio... ...
  • eSync Alliance: Standardizing Software Updates

    by Roger Lanctot | May 03, 2021
    As an American, I find myself gazing across the Atlantic with a mixture of awe, envy, and confusion at an automotive marketplace operating under a highly activi... ...
  • Car Insurance: When Google Shrugged

    by Roger Lanctot | Apr 12, 2021
    The global market for auto insurance is expected by some to surpass $1T in five years. The U.S. market alone already represents a $300B opportunity. The ma... ...
  • Can Our Privacy be Protected in Cars?

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 30, 2021
    "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Benjamin Franklin I hope Ben Franklin w... ...
  • Cubic Telecom: More Than Just Enabling Carrier Choice in Cars

    by Edward Sanchez | Mar 29, 2021
    Connected cars have gone from the realm of conference PowerPoints a decade ago to reality, with an estimated 300+ million connected cars currently on the road ... ...
  • Wirelss Carriers Face FOMO vs. FOBFA Test

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 22, 2021
    (NOTE: The author is participating this week in the four-day Future Networked Car event put on by the International Telecommunications Union. Details here:... ...
  • Waze CEO Skewers Silicon Valley

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 17, 2021
    In his parting screed describing his seven years under the wing of Google, post its $966M acquisition of Waze, former CEO Noam Bardin takes the company and his ... ...
  • Ford's Winning EV User Experience

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 17, 2021
    It’s amusing to listen to Volkswagen and General Motors posturing over their multi-billion-dollar plans to launch massive EV product line-ups in order to ... ...
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to 5G Cars

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 10, 2021
    Prior to the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic car makers were inching toward putting their 5G connectivity plans into action.  There was a growing recognit... ...

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