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Automotive Practice in Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in Beijing

by Kevin Li | May 05, 2014

Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) is being held from May 5-6, in Beijing. The main topics are focusing on mobile gaming, smart devices, mobile finance, mobile marketing and innovation. Hundreds of mobile internet players exhibits or presents in the conference, including big names like Baidu, Sina, Tencent, Xiaomi, Sogou, Microsoft and Google, as well as versatile SMEs. 


In particular, Ford, AutoNavi and Foryou General Electronics also have big booths in GMIC event, which somehow reflects the emerging trends of the convergence between automotive and mobile internet.


Tencent just launched its 'Lubao' telematics products in its booth on May 5, 2014 (Exhibit 1). Just a few days after Baidu announced its 'CarNet' aftermarket product in Beijing Auto Show (Refer to the upcoming Beijing Auto Show 2014 insight for more details related to Baidu's CarNet). The 'Lubao' telematics products are aftermarket solutions, which include an OBD II based 'Lubao Box', with bluetooth connection enabled, a smart phone app named as 'Lubao App'. 


Exhibit 1 Lubao Box by Tencent

                                                              Source: Strategy Analytics AMCS


By pairing the Lubao Box with smartphones (using bluetooth for Android phone and USB for iPhone), users can enjoy eco-drive by the immediate indication of the fuel consumption vs. cost, and also acquire the real time diagnosis information of their cars. Besides, Lubao App can offer several functions separately to the box including: Real time traffic information, incident data, navigation, street view function by downloading road camera view, driving behavior ranking and sharing in Wechat.  The User Based Insurance (UBI) feature is also in preparation.     


Coincidentally, in a smart vehicle session in GMIC later on, Pateo also presented its OBD II based solution named iVoka (Exhibit 2).


Exhibit 2 OBD II box by Pateo

                            Source: Strategy Analytics AMCS


Till now, the giant three internet service providers-Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent (so called ‘BAT’) are all somehow involved in the automotive industry. To be more specific, Baidu cooperated with Tima Networks to release the aftermarket product for standalone in-vehicle navigation devices in Beijing Auto Show in April, 2014; Alibaba is planning to spend $1.045 billion to buy the rest 72% of AutoNavi, after it spent $ 294 million acquiring 28% of AutoNavi in May, 2013; Tencent  established a research lab focusing on telematics products in October, 2013 and just released its aftermarket OBD solutions in GMIC.  


The rest of 2014 won't be peaceful for automotive industry.


For more information of GMIC can be found in this URL: 

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