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Tweddle Enabling a New Vehicle Relationship Paradigm

by Roger Lanctot | Mar 03, 2013

Tweddle set out more than five years ago to shift its printed manual business into the digital world.  That step has led the company to the development of vehicle relationship management solutions, a content and application delivery platform and, most recently, the ability to handle software over-the-air updates to cars.

Tweddle has learned quickly that vehicle connectivity is an all-in proposition.  Once connected to the car, either via an embedded modem or interfaced smartphone, the owner, dealer and car maker relationship to the vehicle is permanently altered.

Enabling a digital manual experience in the car – including static images and video of vehicle systems – not only needs to be VIN (vehicle identification number) specific, it also needs to be kept up to date.  It also means that the dealer and the OEM need access to that VIN-specific vehicle information.

This means that the VIN specific information must be accessible and updatable, which means it must be stored on an off-board server.  And it means that there must be a capacity for synchronizing on-board and off-board information.

But understanding these needs and realizing them in an implemented solution in a production vehicle are two very different things.  Achieving that objective has brought Tweddle into the fully connected vehicle world where the company is now processing streaming audio, delivering apps and software updates, and exchanging vehicle data.

Tweddle’s capabilities have somewhat outrun its client base as the company is prepared with solutions intended to stitch together the car, the customer, the dealer and the manufacturer, but the full circle experience has yet to be fully realized.  Closing the loop with drivers and dealers is essential for extracting the full value from vehicle connectivity which includes higher customer satisfaction scores, customer retention and additional vehicle sales.

The cornerstone of Tweddle’s value proposition – its intellectual property – is built around its foundational understanding of vehicle information enhanced with digital delivery and ubiquitous access.  Tweddle may have started years ago with manuals and dealer diagnostic systems, but the current solution has a wider scope.

Tweddle’s assets are currently embedded within many OEM engineering organizations in support of service and owner information development.  The company offers EDI integration with OEM manufacturing for access and analysis of vehicle build data and also enables management of OEM workflows in support of marketing, legal and engineering approval of content.

Nearly gone is the physical owner’s manual, to be replaced by on-board systems already in the market from Chrysler, GM, BMW, Tesla and others allowing consumers to access vehicle information directly on board or off-board from a call center.  Tweddle claims market leadership in developing, managing and delivering relevant information to owners via multiple media channels including print, Web, mobile and in the vehicle.

Much of Tweddle’s work is visible in Chrysler’s Uconnect and Toyota’s Entune connectivity systems.  But Tweddle is preparing for the next stage in its evolution by enhancing and deepening the connections between OEMs, dealers and customers.  By broadening access to vehicle information Tweddle is giving new life to owner's manuals even as it is rendering physical manuals unnecessary.

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