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  • Can a Pandemic Stop the Apocalypse?

    by Roger Lanctot | Apr 02, 2020
    The negative impacts of the coronavirus, COVID-19, on the automotive industry continue to radiate out from the closure of factories and dealerships (for vehicle... ...
  • COVID-19 and VR: Remote Working Tools Help Businesses and Employees Cope

    by David MacQueen | Apr 02, 2020
    With the increased restrictions in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and workers globally have been turning to remote working tools to maintain prod... ...
  • Amidst the Gloom, A Few Rays of Sunshine

    by David Mercer | Apr 01, 2020
    It has rarely been more difficult to be an optimist. The global economy is heading for its worst downturn in living memory, and Covid-19 continues to cut a swat... ...
  • Drone shipments are falling - will coronavirus cause them to fly high again?

    by Ken Hyers | Mar 31, 2020
    A new report from Strategy Analytics' Emerging Device Technologies practice reveals total global civilian drone shipments declined in 2019 as demand i... ...
  • COVID-19 & Chinese Automotive Innovation

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 31, 2020
    It's a shame that the U.S. president and his administration have chosen to criticize and attack China for its poor management of the novel coronavirus crisis. I... ...
  • Are Smartphone Sales in Europe Ready for Rebound?

    by Neil Mawston | Mar 30, 2020
    SA was one of the world's first mobile research houses to spot the looming disaster of Covid-19, way back in January. We are watching this very closely. Today... ...
  • Instacart: The Gig is Up

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 30, 2020
    The New York Times, and other media outlets, tell us this morning that "as many as 200,000 Instacart shoppers could walk off the job" today in a strike protes... ...
  • Tesla's 2019 Turning Point

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 28, 2020
    2019 will be remembered as the year the automotive industry decided to right-size its autonomous vehicle ambitions. Multiple auto makers tempered their v... ...
  • Vodafone Germany data allowance lag

    by Phill Maling | Mar 27, 2020
    Vodafone Germany appears to lag behind Telekom & O2 with its current online sales strategy for new client smartphone bundled plans. Vodafone’s online ... ...
  • Safe Transportation in the Time of COVID-19

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 26, 2020
    A crisis on the pandemic scale of COVID-19 needs a solution of an equally epic scope. The thousands of workers that still actually must show up for work in an e... ...
  • India Stops Making Smartphones

    by Neil Mawston | Mar 25, 2020
    India has temporarily stopped manufacturing smartphones and featurephones, due to a Covid-19 lockdown. India is the world’s second largest country for mak... ...
  • Shut Uber Down Now

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 25, 2020
    By now it is pretty clear that everywhere outside of China and South Korea human beings are doing a lousy job of "social distancing," locking down, and shelteri... ...
  • The Virus of Autonomy

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 24, 2020
    Car companies, start-ups, and investors across the globe have embraced and spread the virus of autonomous vehicle technology.  The infection got its start ... ...
  • Will Hantavirus Threaten the Smartphone Market?

    by Neil Mawston | Mar 24, 2020
    While the world deals with Covid-19 coronavirus, some parts of China today are quietly starting to worry about an emerging case of hantavirus. A man in Yunnan ... ...
  • Coronavirus Disruption to Automotive

    by Kevin Mak | Mar 23, 2020
    Originally published on March 5th, 2020 The coronavirus or COVID-19 is causing a number of issues that will adversely affect the automotive sector: Loss o... ...
  • Chris Webber: Loyalty and Teamwork Matter

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 23, 2020
    It was 31 years ago that Chris Webber, vice president of the Global Automotive Practice (GAP) at Strategy Analytics, began his automotive research and consultin... ...
  • Assessment of COVID-19 Impact on the Intelligent Home Market

    by William Ablondi | Mar 20, 2020
    It became official on Wednesday March 11: COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. The outbreak of the coronavirus has spread from Asi... ...
  • Uber's $10B Wrecking Ball

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 20, 2020
    As the world wrestles with the consequences of a novel coronavirus, COVID-19, running wild laying waste to health care systems, communities, and economies, it i... ...
  • The Gift of COVID-19

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 20, 2020
    The arrival of COVID-19 is the cure for all that has ailed the world for the past few years. Hundreds of thousands have been infected. Thousands hav... ...

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