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Governments and environmentalists alike continue to push, rightfully so, to create cleaner methods of transport. But can electric vehicles fill that requirement? How can consumers be persuaded to switch? And is the automotive supply chain actually ready for this change? 


To help address those questions our research starts from the bottom-up. Covering everything from semiconductors (Including silicon carbide & gallium nitride) to battery technology and on the road vehicles, whilst simultaneously doing a deep dive into user’s experiences, desires and pain points with electric vehicles. 


This fuels our forecasts and enables us to help you create a product that excites the user and a business strategy that breaks through into the automotive market.


OEM Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Strategies

Several auto groups have announced their strategic plans to become fully electric, as tighter mandates will begin to bite. In those plans, they have also announced the development of electric vehicle platforms and the formation of battery cell joint ventures. With consumer sentiment for EVs rising, demand for battery electric powertrains will see further growth.

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Global xEV Semiconductor Demand Forecast 2019 to 2028

The xEV semiconductor and sensor demand is forecast to grow at a CAAGR of 38% over 2020 - 2025, from $3.4 billion to $16.4 billion. The continued momentum will push market demand to $24.1 billion by 2028. This data model presents a quarterly view of the global outlook for the xEV systems and associated semiconductor and sensor demand.

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UX Evaluation: Volvo XC40 Recharge Full Electric 22MY

Strategy Analytics conducted an evaluation of the Volvo XC40 Recharge Electric 22MY. The system provides a seamless digital experience inside and outside the car, and benefits from the unbeatable Google navigation and speech systems. However, driving features have been relegated too much, hindering their usability.

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Consumer Interest in EVs: Lingering Concerns Meet a COVID Bump

Strategy Analytics undertook an internet-based survey with consumers in the US, UK, and China to investigate their interest in, and concerns with, BEV ownership. This report covers the types of vehicles (BEV, HEV, PHEV, ICE) consumers would consider for their next vehicle along with concerns around range anxiety, price, features, cost, and other factors.

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Electric Vehicle Research

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Tier 1 Vendor Regional Design Center Database
, Navigation Europe Germany Hesse Schlitz Formerly KWest Blue Energy SYS only Powertrain only Battery for EV and Hybrid Japan Japan Kyoto Fukuchiyama BluE Nexus (Aisin/ DENSO) SYS only Powertrain only eAxles (integrated electric motor, inverter and transmissions) for hybrid powertrains and electric vehicles Japan Japan Aichi Anjo Apr-19 New BorgWarner

Report | 23/10/2019 Kevin Mak | Automotive

Telenav Initiatives Reposition the Company for Further Growth
pursuing multiple value-adding initiatives. The company’s emphasis on data and the integration with electric vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems, and cloud resources is opening the way to a comprehensive in-cabin experience that takes the company well beyond simple in-dash navigation. This report examines Telenav’s efforts in the

Report | 18/09/2019 Roger Lanctot | Automotive

Tier 1 Vendor Regional Design Center Database
China May-11 $150m Bosch SYS only Body, Powertrain Electric Motors, Engine Cooling, HVAC, Wipers China China Hunan Changsha 350 Oct-12 Bosch ECU/SYS Chassis, Safety ABS, ECU (all), ESP, TCS China China Jiangsu Suzhou Apr-05 CLOSED by Aug '18 Bosch ECU/SYS Chassis, Driver Information, Safety ABS, ADAS, Connected Vehicle, ECU (all), ESP

Report | 24/04/2019 Kevin Mak | Automotive

Global xEV Sensor Market 2018-2027
Vehicles (PHEV) These vehicle platforms typically utilize a number of systems that make use of current, speed/position and temperature sensors. These systems include battery monitoring systems, DC/DC converters, main inverters, electric motors, and AC/DC on-board chargers. For detailed analysis of the total automotive sensor market, the reader is

Report | 15/06/2020 Asif Anwar | Automotive

2021 Automotive Software Survey
opportunities here for automakers, but also huge challenges for dealership networks. Car MY 2027 remains the most popular answer to see high volumes of vehicles with powerful domain controller-based E/E architectures. The Maturity of Over-the-Air Updates Compared with the data gathered last year, there was a strong convergence on “2-6” OTA updates

Report | 19/10/2021 Ian Riches | Automotive

OEM Autonomous Vehicle Strategies and Roadmaps: COVID-19 Impact
Autonomous Driving Technologies 61 3.2.4 The Beijing Hyundai Development for Autonomous Driving and Other Platforms 61 3.2.5 BAIC Groups Joint Ventures and Autonomous Vehicle Roadmap 61 3.3 BYD 63 3.3.1 BYD’s “7 + 4” Strategy for Electric Vehicles and Autonomous Driving 63 3.4 Changan Automobile 64 3.4.1 Changan’s “Dubhe” Intelligent Strategy

Report | 29/07/2020 Angelos Lakrintis | Automotive

Operating Systems for Autonomous Driving: Automakers Transitioning to Software Companies
Unit AUTOSAR AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture NAD NIO Autonomous Driving ASIL Automotive Safety Integrity Level OS Operating System AD Autonomous Driving OMS Operations Management Suite AV Autonomous Vehicle OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer CPU Central Processing Unit OTA Over the Air ccOS connected car Operating System POSIX

Report | 24/02/2021 Angelos Lakrintis | Automotive

2020 Global Car Sharing Industry Update – Assessing the Damage of COVID-19
. However, automobiles are relatively more difficult to shed during times of financial duress than other types of tangible assets. This is because many of the vehicles are stuck under leases, ownership agreements, municipal contracts, and repurchase arrangements, meaning operators cannot easily and quickly sell them off. Therefore, many car sharing

Report | 28/10/2020 Ben Lundin | Automotive

Compound Semiconductor Industry Review: October – December 2019
the resulting carbon footprint by 30%". The driver IC is intended for use in switch-mode power supplies within industrial communication systems for solar power inverters, motor drives, electric cars, energy storage systems, uninterrupted power supplies, data farms and high-power/high-efficiency power supplies. 17-Dec-19 4.2.9 On Semiconductor

Report | 26/02/2020 Eric Higham | Components

European Automakers Announce Step Change in Electrification
(“Efficient City Mobility” for sub-compact models), STLA Medium (for premium C-segment models), STLA Large (“All-Wheel Drive Performance and American Muscle”) and STLA Frame (for body-on- frame commercial vehicles). Because Stellantis has 14 different auto brands and covers a wider range of model segments, it has developed more electric vehicle

Report | 03/08/2021 Kevin Mak | Automotive

The 2020 Automotive Software Survey, brought to you by Aurora Labs and Strategy Analytics
delighted with their vehicles throughout their lifecycle. Powertrain Body Chassis & Safety The 2020 Automotive Software Survey, brought to you by Aurora Labs and Strategy Analytics Copyright © Strategy Analytics 2020 | www.strategyanalytics.com 2 of 32 Contents 1. Executive Summary 3 2. Introduction 5 3. COVID and Electric

Report | 13/10/2020 Ian Riches | Automotive

Automotive Tier 1 MaaS Strategies: A Focus on Enabling Mobility
Strategic Partnership 10 2.3.3 Intelligent Intersection 12 2.3.4 Intelligent Streetlamp 13 2.3.5 OTA Keys JV to Acquisition 13 2.3.6 Parkpocket Acquisition 14 2.4 Denso Corp. 16 2.4.1 MDrive – Electric Vehicle Carsharing Study 16 2.4.2 Cloud Based Mobility-as-a-Service Platform 16 2.4.3 Ridecell Investment and Strategic Partnership 16

Report | 07/02/2019 James Messeder | Automotive

Compound Semiconductor Industry Review: July – September 2020
GaN FET Production 14 4.2.7 Mitsubishi Electric to Launch Second-generation Full-SiC Power Modules 14 4.2.8 EPC Launches Latest 100V eGaN FET Family 14 4.2.9 Heraeus Launches New Bonding Ribbon For SiC Modules 14 4.2.10 Infineon and Ingeteam Team on Electric Vehicle Charger 15 4.2.11 ROHM and LEADRIVE Establish a SiC-based Automotive Inverters

Report | 05/11/2020 Eric Higham | Components

Education, Expectation and Experience – The Challenge of Converting Consumers to Electric at the British Motor Show
outdoor exhibits. However, electric vehicles were given their own exhibition hall with its own stage and a group of energy and charging providers to support them.  A quarter of the programme was devoted to EVs.  The main sponsors were Cinch, an online motor trader (yet another automotive trend) and Select Electric, an EV leasing company. 

Blog | 23/08/2021 Kevin Mak

Frankfurt Motor Show 2019 – Powertrain and Electrification Announcements
the push of a button for added performance. The car has a range of up to 100 kilometers (62 miles) in all-electric mode. 3.1.9 BMW X5 Protection VR6 The new BMW X5 Protection VR6 is the fourth generation of the armored SUV, designed to offer protection against violent attacks from firearms, blunt objects or explosive devices. Unlike vehicles

Report | 23/10/2019 Edward Sanchez | Automotive


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