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Governments and environmentalists alike continue to push, rightfully so, to create cleaner methods of transport. But can electric vehicles fill that requirement? How can consumers be persuaded to switch? And is the automotive supply chain actually ready for this change? 


To help address those questions our research starts from the bottom-up. Covering everything from semiconductors (Including silicon carbide & gallium nitride) to battery technology and on the road vehicles, whilst simultaneously doing a deep dive into user’s experiences, desires and pain points with electric vehicles. 


This fuels our forecasts and enables us to help you create a product that excites the user and a business strategy that breaks through into the automotive market.


OEM Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Strategies

Several auto groups have announced their strategic plans to become fully electric, as tighter mandates will begin to bite. In those plans, they have also announced the development of electric vehicle platforms and the formation of battery cell joint ventures. With consumer sentiment for EVs rising, demand for battery electric powertrains will see further growth.

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Global xEV Semiconductor Demand Forecast 2019 to 2028

The xEV semiconductor and sensor demand is forecast to grow at a CAAGR of 38% over 2020 - 2025, from $3.4 billion to $16.4 billion. The continued momentum will push market demand to $24.1 billion by 2028. This data model presents a quarterly view of the global outlook for the xEV systems and associated semiconductor and sensor demand.

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UX Evaluation: Volvo XC40 Recharge Full Electric 22MY

Strategy Analytics conducted an evaluation of the Volvo XC40 Recharge Electric 22MY. The system provides a seamless digital experience inside and outside the car, and benefits from the unbeatable Google navigation and speech systems. However, driving features have been relegated too much, hindering their usability.

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Consumer Interest in EVs: Lingering Concerns Meet a COVID Bump

Strategy Analytics undertook an internet-based survey with consumers in the US, UK, and China to investigate their interest in, and concerns with, BEV ownership. This report covers the types of vehicles (BEV, HEV, PHEV, ICE) consumers would consider for their next vehicle along with concerns around range anxiety, price, features, cost, and other factors.

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Electric Vehicle Research

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Post-Pandemic Mobility Consolidation Commences in Munich
decade. For Volkswagen and Ford, the goal is to position their organizations to capitalize on the evolution of transportation toward shared, connected, and electric app-driven vehicle platforms. For Argo.ai, the target is to develop a rapidly scalable self-driving solution suitable to fulfill the needs of two of the largest global automakers

Report | 29/09/2021 Roger Lanctot | Automotive

Automotive Sensor Demand 2018 to 2027 - Dashboard - January 2021
- Plug-In Hybrid Plug-In Hybrid Hybrid/EV - Fuel Cell EV 40 Battery EV Hybrid/EV - Pure Battery Vehicle Battery Electric Vehicle Lighting - AFS (Cornering Light) 41 Fuel Cell EV Hybrid/EV - Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Lighting - AFS (Dynamic) 42 AFS (Cornering Light) Lighting - AFS (Cornering Light) AFS

Report | 21/01/2021 Ian Riches | Automotive

COVID-19: A Pandemic Made for Tesla
-ish tongues his way, but it is clear that Tesla’s moment has arrived. An electric powertrain for a vehicle directly delivered to customers is a business model from the future with which today’s automobile industry is unable to compete. Not content to humiliate competing car makers and disintermediate an entire distribution channel

Blog | 11/05/2020 Roger Lanctot | Automotive

Uber's Weak, Cynical Argument for a London License
particularly onerous in London where regulators control even the type of vehicles that cabbies can drive. London's black cab fleet is at a particularly delicate turning point with diesel vehicles steadily, but slowly, being replaced with hybrid and, recently, an all electric van supplied by Nissan. The city is driving this fleet-wide shift - now up to 3,000

Blog | 13/02/2020 Roger Lanctot | Automotive

RF GaAs Device Technology and Market Forecast: 2021 - 2026
| www.strategyanalytics.com 10 diverse electronic companies such as Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric and Sony, as well as defense-related companies such as Raytheon and Northrop Grumman. The merchant portion of the RF GaAs device revenue continues to be the dominant segment. This dominance of merchant revenue speaks to the structure of the supply chain and the

Report | 26/09/2022 Eric Higham | Components

2021 RF GaN Device and Foundry Revenue
infrastructure segment. Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations (SEDI) is still the dominant commercial supplier of GaN devices, but their revenue and market share contracted in 2021. SEDI finished 2021 with 63.8% of RF GaN device revenue into commercial applications, but this is down from a market share of 72.3% of the commercial revenue in 2020. The commercial

Report | 31/05/2022 Eric Higham | Components

COVID-19: How's Your Business?
regarding electric or autonomous vehicle programs that have been cancelled or set aside. We have seen car sharing programs shuttered. But cars must be made and sold and technology marches on. Today, car makers are making the key decisions to either accelerate or decelerate innovation efforts. Will 5G arrive on time or be put off for a year? Will Ethernet

Blog | 06/05/2020 Roger Lanctot | Automotive

Over-the-Air Features – Fumbled Rollout, Promising Future
Profile Setup .............................................................................................14 Exhibit 4-6 Mercedes-Benz/Nvidia Next-Generation In Vehicle Computing Platform .............................................15 Exhibit 4-7 Tesla Model 3 Seat Heater and Full-Self-Drive Purchase Screen

Report | 14/09/2020 Edward Sanchez | Automotive

Global xEV Semiconductor Demand Forecast 2019 to 2028 - July 2021
(engine assist MG) ERROR:#DIV/0! ERROR:#DIV/0! 95 92 91 89 87 85 83 81 80 78 76 76 75 Electric Motor 0 0 1 2 6 10 16 41 72 102 145 185 202 205 205 62.7% Electric Motor ERROR:#DIV/0! ERROR:#DIV/0! 79 76 74 72 69 67 65 63 61 60 58 57 55 Total 0 0 2 8 24 39 63 158 281 400 574 736 805 830 841 63.6% BOM ($)/Vehicle 0 0 90 87 85 83 81 79 77 75 73 71 69 69

Report | 29/07/2021 Asif Anwar | Automotive

Tesla: The Eyes Have It
, apparently is to “stop” Tesla and somehow put Federal regulators in charge of “guiding” the electric car company in its development and deployment of self-driving technology. Slate: "The Biden Administration Needs to Do Something about Tesla" - https://slate.com/technology/2020/12/tesla-biden-self-driving-cars-regulation.html Zipper

Blog | 07/12/2020 Roger Lanctot | Automotive

A Look Back Into The Automotive 2010s
automation in active safety, will we see light vehicle platforms adopting Brake-By-Wire and Electric Power Steering as standard?  Will we see full penetration of park assist systems and what is the possibility that AEB, DMS and LDWS might see full, or at least 75 percent, global penetration?  With the arrival of new DMS using interior cameras

Report | 06/01/2020 Kevin Mak | Automotive

China: Telematics Service Landscape-International OEMs Update 2021
personalized in-vehicle interaction as they can augment or even replace traditional call centres. AI- based digital assistants can not only meet the needs of basic voice interaction — such as multimedia content control and vehicle function control — but also learn from user interactions and habits, as well as content preferences. After a transition

Report | 23/07/2021 Kevin Li | Automotive

[CORRECTED] Global xEV Semiconductor Demand Forecast 2019 to 2028 - October 2021_V1.1
% Electric Motor ERROR:#DIV/0! ERROR:#DIV/0! 79 76 74 72 69 69 71 72 73 74 74 74 72 Total 0 0 2 8 24 39 62 137 265 426 645 838 940 979 985 68.1% BOM ($)/Vehicle 0 0 90 87 85 83 81 81 82 83 84 85 85 85 84 1.0% ASPs increased factoring impact of semi shortages SEMICONDUCTOR REVENUE SEMICONDUCTOR UNITS SEMICONDUCTOR ASPs 0.00% 2.20% 1.76% 1.32% 0.88

Report | 19/10/2021 Asif Anwar | Automotive

Automotive UX at 2021 CES: Suppliers Revisit Immersive Infotainment
assistant tie-ins, use cases, and Alexa integrations were teased at the 2021 CES (including forthcoming augmentations to the BMW assistant among others). But no novel or groundbreaking innovations were announced. The importance of software over hardware Telematics/Remote vehicle or home mgmt Voice assistants What is not discussed in this report? https

Report | 21/01/2021 Derek Viita | Automotive

GM's Nikola Shell Game
; stock got an 8% boost yesterday from the announcement that the company plans to take an 11% stake in wannabe truck maker Nikola Motors. The strategic partnership has Nikola using GM’s Ultium battery system and Hydrotec fuel cell technology in future products, including the Badger electric pickup, NZT side-by-side, and the One, Two, and Tre

Blog | 09/09/2020 Roger Lanctot | Automotive


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