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Governments and environmentalists alike continue to push, rightfully so, to create cleaner methods of transport. But can electric vehicles fill that requirement? How can consumers be persuaded to switch? And is the automotive supply chain actually ready for this change? 


To help address those questions our research starts from the bottom-up. Covering everything from semiconductors (Including silicon carbide & gallium nitride) to battery technology and on the road vehicles, whilst simultaneously doing a deep dive into user’s experiences, desires and pain points with electric vehicles. 


This fuels our forecasts and enables us to help you create a product that excites the user and a business strategy that breaks through into the automotive market.


OEM Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Strategies

Several auto groups have announced their strategic plans to become fully electric, as tighter mandates will begin to bite. In those plans, they have also announced the development of electric vehicle platforms and the formation of battery cell joint ventures. With consumer sentiment for EVs rising, demand for battery electric powertrains will see further growth.

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Global xEV Semiconductor Demand Forecast 2019 to 2028

The xEV semiconductor and sensor demand is forecast to grow at a CAAGR of 38% over 2020 - 2025, from $3.4 billion to $16.4 billion. The continued momentum will push market demand to $24.1 billion by 2028. This data model presents a quarterly view of the global outlook for the xEV systems and associated semiconductor and sensor demand.

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UX Evaluation: Volvo XC40 Recharge Full Electric 22MY

Strategy Analytics conducted an evaluation of the Volvo XC40 Recharge Electric 22MY. The system provides a seamless digital experience inside and outside the car, and benefits from the unbeatable Google navigation and speech systems. However, driving features have been relegated too much, hindering their usability.

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Consumer Interest in EVs: Lingering Concerns Meet a COVID Bump

Strategy Analytics undertook an internet-based survey with consumers in the US, UK, and China to investigate their interest in, and concerns with, BEV ownership. This report covers the types of vehicles (BEV, HEV, PHEV, ICE) consumers would consider for their next vehicle along with concerns around range anxiety, price, features, cost, and other factors.

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Electric Vehicle Research

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Smart Home Service Packages and Pricing - Europe - December 2021
building codes and regulations: • Flowsafe smart water valve and water monitoring solution • Whole Home mesh Wi-Fi, featuring TP-Link’s Deco mesh Wi-Fi devices • EV (electric vehicle) Charging – Smartzone website: https://smartzone.ie Click here to return to the top of the company profile section. 3.10 Somfy Provider: • Somfy, a French

Report | 23/12/2021 Jack Narcotta | Devices

Consumers and the Connected Car: Delivering Integration, Seamlessness, and Contextualisation
interested in receiving walking directions once offboard. • Whilst Americans are slightly more concerned than Western European and Chinese about traffic conditions, the latter are more concerned about finding a parking slot once the destination is reached. • Vehicle payments are gaining some more momentum in the US and China, but for different use

Report | 31/08/2021 Diana Franganillo | Automotive

Streaming Audio 2020: Embedded Integration Continues
being pure battery-electric (BEV) vehicles, the company announced future models will also support video streaming services while parked in February 2020. Tesla began offering stationary (parked) front-seat video streaming in its V10 infotainment update released in September 2019. Tesla currently supports Netflix, YouTube and Hulu for in-dash

Report | 25/02/2020 Edward Sanchez | Automotive

Automotive Semiconductor Demand Forecast 2020 to 2029 - Dashboard October 2022
are enabled. Powertrain, Body, Chassis and Safety Semiconductor DashBoard Battery Electric Vehicle - ALL Semiconductor Demand Dashboard - October 2022 Device Family Device Type Application Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Analysis Year Data Type Copyright © Strategy Analytics 2022 Although great care

Report | 26/10/2022 Asif Anwar | Automotive

Mobility-as-a-Service: Operators Leverage the Public Sector in Race to Develop Advanced MaaS
congestion taxes; financial incentives for electric vehicle purchases; investment in city-wide electrification efforts; etc. The EU has specifically used mobility services as a policy mechanism to reduce the ill-effects of transportation, specifically through the Horizon 2020 Research Program and the CIVITAS 2020 Prosperity Project. Both projects

Report | 13/07/2020 Ben Lundin | Automotive

Wi-Fi Forecast 2022 - 2027: New Standards & Applications
production floor, machine control and monitoring, tablet and laptop connectivity, outdoor industrial monitoring and control. - Transportation and Aviation: Wi-Fi client devices for airports, public terminals and vehicles such as buses, subways and trains. - Agriculture: Outdoor Wi-Fi client devices for precision agriculture, measuring feed-stock and

Report | 30/09/2022 Christopher Taylor | Components

Los Angeles Auto Show 2022
conference, just the vehicle on display, and an accompanying press release: The 2023-MY Toyota Prius. A separate mobility/technology day focused specifically on the tech and analyst community was not held this year, with only one dedicated “press day” focused primarily on new vehicle debuts and related announcements. While many of the new model

Report | 25/11/2022 Edward Sanchez | Automotive

2022: The Year When Imaging RADAR Enters Automotive
Autonomous Vehicles 2022: The Year When Imaging RADAR Enters Automotive 06 December 2021 Report Snapshot With the promise of reducing false readings, adding elevation sensing and increased range resolution, imaging RADAR technology will soon enhance the performance of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). 2022 is

Report | 06/12/2021 Kevin Mak | Automotive

Streaming Audio Q3 2020 Update: Embedded Integration Continues
system will continue to support Apple CarPlay for the foreseeable future. Copyright © Strategy Analytics 2020 | www.strategyanalytics.com 20 of 22 3.1.1 Video Streaming With all future Polestar models being pure battery-electric (BEV) vehicles, the company announced future models will also support video streaming services

Report | 25/08/2020 Edward Sanchez | Automotive

Cloud Platforms: Tech Giants Continue to Extend into Automotive
U.S. Infotainment and Telematics © Strategy Analytics 2021 All Rights Reserved | www.strategyanalytics.com 19 Other Partners ABB: Amazon’s AWS has a partnership with global infrastructure provider ABB, which is developing a fleet management system for electric vehicles. BlackBerry: BlackBerry is a key partner for Amazon due to

Report | 02/06/2021 Greg Basich | Automotive

AV UX in 2020: The Risks of Keeping Human-Centered Research in the Back Seat
address this? https://techcrunch.com/2020/01/21/cruise-unveils-origin-an-electric-driverless-vehicle-designed-for-sharing/ In-Vehicle UX Copyright © Strategy Analytics 2020 | www.strategyanalytics.com 10 of 16 Exhibit 1.4: Cruise Origin interior (source: Car and Driver) Despite all the ways AV stakeholders are functionally

Report | 09/04/2020 Derek Viita | Automotive

The Journey Towards A Net Zero Mobile Network
regional limitations. It is most appropriate at large data centres or rural sites in African markets. So, Vodafone also needs to seek zero carbon alternatives (electric vehicles, Fluorinated gases, Hydrogen fuel cells, biofuels). • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) – PPAs can offer long-term, cost-effective solutions for renewable generation

Report | 28/01/2022 Guang Yang | Service Providers

Mobile Network Coverage by Generation and Region: 2015-2030
1. Title Service Providers 1. Title Mobile Network Coverage by Generation and Region 1. Title Service Providers © 2022 Strategy Analytics | www.strategyanalytics.com Although great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy and complete...

Report | 29/06/2022 Phil Kendall | Service Providers

Tier 1 Vendors Control High Resolution LiDAR's Destiny
. Such “blank check” companies are used to take over a technology developer, usually an electric vehicle start-up in automotive, so that the merged entity will be listed on a stock exchange (or NASDAQ, in the case of Luminar). That way, the LiDAR developer has much-needed access to finance to fund further technology and product development

Report | 17/11/2020 Kevin Mak | Automotive

Automotive Semiconductor Demand Forecast 2020 to 2029 - Dashboard July 2022
, Body, Chassis and Safety Semiconductor DashBoard Battery Electric Vehicle - ALL Semiconductor Demand Dashboard - July 2022 Device Family Device Type Application Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Analysis Year Data Type Copyright © Strategy Analytics 2022 Although great care has been taken to ensure the

Report | 25/07/2022 Asif Anwar | Automotive


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