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Governments and environmentalists alike continue to push, rightfully so, to create cleaner methods of transport. But can electric vehicles fill that requirement? How can consumers be persuaded to switch? And is the automotive supply chain actually ready for this change? 


To help address those questions our research starts from the bottom-up. Covering everything from semiconductors (Including silicon carbide & gallium nitride) to battery technology and on the road vehicles, whilst simultaneously doing a deep dive into user’s experiences, desires and pain points with electric vehicles. 


This fuels our forecasts and enables us to help you create a product that excites the user and a business strategy that breaks through into the automotive market.


OEM Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Strategies

Several auto groups have announced their strategic plans to become fully electric, as tighter mandates will begin to bite. In those plans, they have also announced the development of electric vehicle platforms and the formation of battery cell joint ventures. With consumer sentiment for EVs rising, demand for battery electric powertrains will see further growth.

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Global xEV Semiconductor Demand Forecast 2019 to 2028

The xEV semiconductor and sensor demand is forecast to grow at a CAAGR of 38% over 2020 - 2025, from $3.4 billion to $16.4 billion. The continued momentum will push market demand to $24.1 billion by 2028. This data model presents a quarterly view of the global outlook for the xEV systems and associated semiconductor and sensor demand.

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UX Evaluation: Volvo XC40 Recharge Full Electric 22MY

Strategy Analytics conducted an evaluation of the Volvo XC40 Recharge Electric 22MY. The system provides a seamless digital experience inside and outside the car, and benefits from the unbeatable Google navigation and speech systems. However, driving features have been relegated too much, hindering their usability.

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Consumer Interest in EVs: Lingering Concerns Meet a COVID Bump

Strategy Analytics undertook an internet-based survey with consumers in the US, UK, and China to investigate their interest in, and concerns with, BEV ownership. This report covers the types of vehicles (BEV, HEV, PHEV, ICE) consumers would consider for their next vehicle along with concerns around range anxiety, price, features, cost, and other factors.

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Electric Vehicle Research

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Beijing Auto Show 2020: Computing Platform Becomes the Main Theme in ADAS Market
Horizon Robotics' release at Beijing Auto Show, please refer to Chapter 3.2 of this report. Autonomous Vehicle Service Copyright © Strategy Analytics 2020 | www.strategyanalytics.com 6 of 21 Exhibit 2.2 ADAS Domain Controller of Chery EV Ant Electric SUV Source: Strategy Analytics According to Chery New Energy, the ADAS system on

Report | 04/11/2020 Mark Liu | Automotive

Global Annual IoT Revenues Forecast by Vertical: 2022-2030
. • Automotive sector is facing tremendous challenge due to supply-chain disruption since 2020 and hyper competition from all corners on development of better Electric vehicles (EVs). Investment in IoT software and services is part of the strategy to have more control and insights on their suppliers from Automotive vertical. • Healthcare: Global IoT revenues

Report | 31/10/2022 Waseem Haider | IoT Ecosystem

Shanghai Auto Show 2021: Chinese OEMs and Suppliers Showcase ADAS Innovation
..................................................................................................................11 Exhibits 2.4.1 – The Xpeng P5 Electric Sedan ..............................................................................................................12 Autonomous Vehicles © Strategy Analytics 2021 All Rights Reserved | www.strategyanalytics.com 3 Exhibits 2.4.2 – LiDAR Sensor on the Xpeng P5

Report | 18/05/2021 Mark Fitzgerald | Automotive

Location Platform Benchmark Report: 2020
, including;  Rising penetration of vehicles with both embedded navigation and data connectivity;  Growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly electric vehicles (EV);  The desire of regulators and carmakers to increase road safety by providing increasing levels of assistance and support to drivers.  Falling levels of car ownership

Report | 30/12/2019 Nitesh Patel | Media & Services

TSMC and Samsung Lead the Foundry Rankings
. SMIC sees a structural capacity shortage in the electric vehicle, IoT and analog semiconductors. Mature node foundries outgrew the market, driven by the capacity shortage, increased wafer prices and high demand. We believe that mature node chips such as AMOLED/LCD driver ICs, power management IC, image sensors, MEMS, GloFo revised 2022

Report | 19/05/2022 Sravan Kundojjala | Components

Uber and Lyft 2020 Year End Results: Two Companies Transformed
Uber application on the way to mass adoption. AV companies, electric vehicle manufacturers, and air taxi producers, even public transportation agencies, will have no choice but to deploy their vehicles and mobility services on Uber’s platform as it absorbs more and more of the gig economy. In September 2020, Volkswagen jumped at the

Report | 11/02/2021 Ben Lundin | Automotive

Smartphone Mirroring in 2022: US Satisfaction Continues as European Customers Bite Back
steps More Information 1 2 3 4 5 6 10 Table of Contents 8 9 7 Copyright© 2022 Strategy Analytics, Inc. 3 Executive Summary Base (Those whose vehicle equipped with Android Auto/Apple CarPlay): US (Android Auto – 253, Apple CarPlay – 615), Western Europe (Android Auto – 526, Apple CarPlay – 337) • Strategy Analytics undertook a

Report | 06/10/2022 Diana Franganillo | Automotive

User Experience Evaluation: 2020 Honda e
as a continuous series of screens. This is notable not only because of the unique and bold design aesthetic, but because it is introduced in a non-premium fully electric vehicle. Again, however, HMI is only as good as the tasks it enables. Strategy Analytics set out to determine whether this “MBUX on steroids” single-continuous-screen

Report | 27/08/2020 Derek Viita | Automotive

Toyota Consolidates Mobility Service Efforts Under Kinto Brand
durability of all Toyota vehicles. Where Toyota remains weak is in full electric vehicle offerings. As Toyota digs deeper into both mobility services and autonomy the company will need to make a more affirmative effort on bringing mass produced EVs to market to serve both sectors. As to the long-term success of the broader range of car sharing

Report | 29/01/2020 Roger Lanctot | Automotive

Location Platform Benchmark: 2020
companies during 2019 include:  As mobility needs shift Google’s efforts have been on adding content and content partners to provide more electric vehicle (EV) charging point information, and information about bike (and e-bike) stations. Across a number of countries in South East Asia Google has also recognised it is missing important segments of

Report | 06/01/2020 Nitesh Patel | Devices

2022 Connected Features Interest Report: Parking Problems Push Interest In Solutions To The Top Spot
destination, and for larger vehicles reserving them too. • Vehicle payments are gaining momentum too, be it for gas, tolls or for food. • This is true across age and tech groups as barriers to trust and perceived complexity are eroded. Laggards in China lead the way in that market. • Differences in opinions towards being alerted about events such as

Report | 03/11/2022 Diana Franganillo | Automotive

Automotive Semiconductor Vendor 2021 Market Shares
. • Fuji Electric and Mitsubishi Electric, with sales to automotive primarily driven by sales of high-power devices for electric vehicle powertrains. • Automotive LED opto device vendors including ams Osram, Nichia, Lumileds, and Toyoda Gosei. Exhibit 11-1 “Other” Vendors Revenue Estimates ($M) Automotive Revenues ($M) “Other” (not intended

Report | 28/03/2022 Asif Anwar | Automotive

Transport Choice in the ‘New Normal’
- Vehicle UX research service delivering insights on emerging use cases, consumer priorities, and experience optimization for in-vehicle connectivity and autonomous and electric vehicles. Diana has over 15 years of experience in UX and human factors and has successfully led projects globally in the automotive and aviation industries. Prior to

Report | 26/05/2022 Monica Wong | Automotive

Dedicated AR Device Specification Tracker 2022 Update
UX (Service Name) Autonomous Vehicles Apps App Use Metaverse, Augmented and Virtual Reality Smartphone Model Tracker Connected Mobility Consumer Sentiment Analytics PriceTRAX Secondhand Bundle Benchmarking Smart Speakers and Screens TV Streaming Platforms Bluetooth Device Tracker Electric Vehicles Service new service name new service

Report | 08/09/2022 David MacQueen | Media & Services

China: Automotive Digital Assistant — Major Players and Development Trends
because they both have their own VPA products for the automotive industry (refer to Exhibit 2-2), but also because they are both determined to heavily invest in this market area. • Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun said in April 2021 that Xiaomi expects to mass produce its own electric vehicles in the first half of 2024 • Huawei defined its position as an

Report | 19/01/2022 Kevin Li | Automotive


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