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Governments and environmentalists alike continue to push, rightfully so, to create cleaner methods of transport. But can electric vehicles fill that requirement? How can consumers be persuaded to switch? And is the automotive supply chain actually ready for this change? 


To help address those questions our research starts from the bottom-up. Covering everything from semiconductors (Including silicon carbide & gallium nitride) to battery technology and on the road vehicles, whilst simultaneously doing a deep dive into user’s experiences, desires and pain points with electric vehicles. 


This fuels our forecasts and enables us to help you create a product that excites the user and a business strategy that breaks through into the automotive market.


OEM Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Strategies

Several auto groups have announced their strategic plans to become fully electric, as tighter mandates will begin to bite. In those plans, they have also announced the development of electric vehicle platforms and the formation of battery cell joint ventures. With consumer sentiment for EVs rising, demand for battery electric powertrains will see further growth.

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Global xEV Semiconductor Demand Forecast 2019 to 2028

The xEV semiconductor and sensor demand is forecast to grow at a CAAGR of 38% over 2020 - 2025, from $3.4 billion to $16.4 billion. The continued momentum will push market demand to $24.1 billion by 2028. This data model presents a quarterly view of the global outlook for the xEV systems and associated semiconductor and sensor demand.

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UX Evaluation: Volvo XC40 Recharge Full Electric 22MY

Strategy Analytics conducted an evaluation of the Volvo XC40 Recharge Electric 22MY. The system provides a seamless digital experience inside and outside the car, and benefits from the unbeatable Google navigation and speech systems. However, driving features have been relegated too much, hindering their usability.

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Consumer Interest in EVs: Lingering Concerns Meet a COVID Bump

Strategy Analytics undertook an internet-based survey with consumers in the US, UK, and China to investigate their interest in, and concerns with, BEV ownership. This report covers the types of vehicles (BEV, HEV, PHEV, ICE) consumers would consider for their next vehicle along with concerns around range anxiety, price, features, cost, and other factors.

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Electric Vehicle Research

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Has COVID-19 Affected Consumers' Appetite For Electrified Powertrains?
Europe, increasing by 136 percent, while battery electric models saw a modest 28 percent increase in sales volumes over the same period last year. – With stricter lockdowns, consumers were prevented from taking longer journeys and restricted to short and infrequent essential journeys. This made battery electric vehicles more appealing than

Report | 28/07/2020 Kevin Mak | Automotive

Can Solid-State Batteries Reach Mass Production?
technology promises the benefits of increased energy density and thermal stability, making electric vehicles drive on a longer range and be safer than using existing battery technologies. However, challenges remain before this technology can be truly mass produced. • Despite earlier announcements from Toyota to launch during the Tokyo Olympic

Report | 13/07/2022 Kevin Mak | Automotive

Wired and Wireless Connectivity 2019 – Focus on Capability, Convenience
-vehicle applications of HDMI is the Honda e electric city car. None of the representatives on hand were able to give a definitive reason for its inclusion other than the ability to play movies and media content through the vehicle’s front-seat display, presumably with a brought-in device such as a portable DVD player or connection to a computer or

Report | 20/11/2019 Edward Sanchez | Automotive

China Market: OEM Strategy Tracker Database - February 2022
energy vehicle market 1. Strategic goal in 2025: rank the first in Chinese market by occupying 20% market share of intelligent electric vehicles in China 2. Vision in 2030: create a mobile home and become the world's No. 1 intelligent electric vehicle company Establish a R&D center in Shanghai, self-developed operating system (Li OS), next

Report | 01/02/2022 Kevin Li | Automotive

EV Apps and Infotainment - 2021 Update
to last year’s report, “Electric Vehicle Apps 2020: OEM Competitive Landscape – Features & Functions,” which took a detailed look at the available OEM and third-party EV apps. Since most of the updates since that time are more iterative in nature, this year’s report focuses primarily on major changes since that time. The electric

Report | 08/06/2021 Edward Sanchez | Automotive

Xpeng Motors Updated Roadmap for Autonomous Driving: A Glimpse into one of China's Intelligent Start-Ups
Motors, formerly known as XiaoPeng Motors, is a Chinese electric vehicle and technology company that designs and manufactures intelligent vehicles that are integrated with the internet and utilize the advancements of artificial intelligence. The company was founded back in 2014 and has headquarters in Guangzhou, Guangdong province. Xpeng Motors

Report | 10/11/2020 Angelos Lakrintis | Automotive

Automotive Sensor Demand 2019 to 2028 - October 2021
Cover Page 2016 AUTOMOTIVE SENSOR DEMAND 2019-2028 - PUBLISHED OCTOBER 2021 2017 Copyright © Strategy Analytics 2021 2018 2019 Notes: 2020 This datafile is based upon a detailed, model-by-model vehicle production forecast that was published by LMC Automotive in October 2021, and dated as its Q3 2021 2021 forecast. It has a substantially

Report | 15/10/2021 Ian Riches | Automotive

Interest in Dash Cams: Potential Even Outside of China
Director of In-Vehicle UX Research within the Strategy Analytics UX Innovation Practice, Diana Franganillo is responsible for leading the In-Vehicle UX research service delivering insights on emerging use cases, consumer priorities, and experience optimisation for in-vehicle connectivity and autonomous and electric vehicles. Diana has over 15 years

Report | 16/06/2022 Diana Franganillo | Automotive

A2B Digital Audio Bus: Solving the challenges of EMI and NVH?
vehicles, clearly one of the strong attributes of the A 2 B databus (the ability to ‘virtually’ reduce noise, vibration and harshness) might seem less compelling, however, electric vehicles will be plagued for some time by high levels of RF/EMI created by high voltage inverters. These EMI issues remain a strong reason for developers to adopt the

Report | 02/11/2020 Richard Robinson | Automotive

L4 MaaS in China: The Key Factors Behind the Economic Hype
as Professor X). AutoX aims to enable robust self-driving performance for the urban driving based on multi-sensor (camera plus LiDAR) perception. The Hong Kong based AV startup has partnered with NEVS — the Swedish holding company and electric vehicle manufacturer that bought Saab’s assets out of bankruptcy — to deploy a Robo-Taxi pilot

Report | 21/11/2019 Mark Liu | Automotive

L4 MaaS in China: The Key Factors Behind the Economic Hype
self-driving performance for the urban driving based on multi-sensor (camera plus LiDAR) perception. The Hong Kong based AV startup has partnered with NEVS — the Swedish holding company and electric vehicle manufacturer that bought Saab’s assets out of bankruptcy — to deploy a Robo-Taxi pilot service in Europe by the end of 2020. On September

Report | 21/11/2019 Mark Liu | Automotive

Boosted by the Pandemic, Car Subscriptions Services Abound. How Many Will Stick Around?
charge. Three offer this feature for a fee. • Eight provide subscription services to businesses. A handful of companies are also selling car subscription services as an effective way to encourage electric vehicle adoption. Connected Mobility © Strategy Analytics 2022 All Rights Reserved | www.strategyanalytics.com 10 A

Report | 11/03/2022 Nicole Schlosser | Automotive

2022 Premium Audio Report: Sony and Bang & Olufsen Closing In On Bose
electric vehicles. Diana has over 15 years of experience in UX and human factors and has successfully led projects globally in the automotive and aviation industries. Prior to joining Strategy Analytics in May 2021, Diana worked at Renault Group, Jaguar Land Rover, NATS and Airbus Military. Diana holds a MSc in Human Factors from Cranfield

Report | 09/06/2022 Diana Franganillo | Automotive

Automotive Semiconductor Demand Forecast 2018 to 2027 - January 2021
respect to NEV (New Energy Vehicle) and hybrid electric vehicles (which are defined as ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles). This has been coupled with China re-introducing/extending consumer incentives also. We believe that the inventory correction efforts were a little too successful, and the strong recovery in the Chinese market in

Report | 22/01/2021 Asif Anwar | Automotive

China Market: Automotive Policy Tracker Database
system architecture and standard framework of artificial intelligence Foused on data information plaform for intelligent trasportation, vehicle to road network, electric vehicle plate recognition etc. http://www.gov.cn/zhengce/zhengceku/2020-08/09/content_5533454.htm 23 Implementation Opinions on Further Optimizing the Business Environment and Better

Report | 17/06/2021 Kevin Li | Automotive


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