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The healthcare ecosystem is going through severe growing pains brought about by rapid digital transformation, accelerated by COVID-19. As consumer and medical industries merge to provide a wealth of health data, challenges emerge. How do we meet the differing needs of patients, healthcare providers, caregivers, and administrators? How do we address interoperability issues? How do we win when it comes to digital health?


Our syndicated research and consultancy service answers these questions by diving deep into areas such as forecasting key players in the digital healthcare field, human factors issues affecting digital adoption, evaluation, and analysis of the user experience, identifying the most cost-effective vendors to use, and evaluating methods of deployment adopted within disjointed systems.


AR and VR in Healthcare - Market Uptake and 20 Case Studies

How is AR and VR being used in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical verticals today? How quick is the uptake by enterprises? Strategy Analytics' Enterprise survey data gives insight into adoption of these novel technologies. The report includes 20 case studies showing how AR and VR are improving patient outcomes though advanced surgery, enriching training, and enhancing the sales channel.

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Monitoring Health & Wellness Remotely: A Roadmap to Healthy Adoption

There has been a proliferation of digital health and wellness functions within the consumer wearables market and more attention has been paid to remote healthcare monitoring solutions either through a self managed approach (independently at home or in partnership with a physician) or through a full service program initiated and managed by the healthcare practitioner.

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The Smartwatch: An Integrated Healthcare Wearable

Advances in biometrics have allowed smartwatches to venture further into the healthcare industry. Smartwatches have come to market with integrated healthcare features that measure blood pressure, detect irregular heart rhythms, and detect falls to augment traditional health and wellness features.

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CES 2022: Digital Health Innovation

CES 2022 went ahead this year but with several companies scaling down or pulling out at the last minute due to concerns over the Omicron variant of COVID-19 that has been sweeping the globe. Still, there were over 40,000 attendees from 119 countries, and many exhibitors went ahead to showcase their products either physically or virtually.

The goal of this report is to present announcements and products of note in the healthcare sector as well as any relevant insights.

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Digital Health Research

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Consumer Satisfaction with In-Car Touchscreens: Winds of Optimism from the East
car-buying segment is the more likely to be “very satisfied” with all the touchscreen attributes. In-Car Touchscreen Satisfaction Luckily, the prime-car buying segment in China is the most likely to be very satisfied Copyright© 2021 Strategy

Report | 21/10/2021 Diana Franganillo | Automotive

China: Development Opportunities for Mobile Network Operators in the Era of Intelligent Connected Vehicles
, autonomous driving, digital transportation, 5G, V2X, and new infrastructure for intelligent vehicles. The following sections provide a deep dive into the core policies related to the topics described above and explore the hierarchical relationships between those policies. 2.1 List of Intelligent Connected Vehicle Related Core Policies In total

Report | 25/11/2021 Kevin Li | Automotive

Global Hearables Sales Forecast for 88 Countries: 2016 to 2026
iPhone. Despite considerable economic headwinds from the Covid-19 pandemic, global demand for hearables continues to grow. Hearables are selling well through online retail channels, while many consumers have been increasingly using ear-worn hearables to monitor their health and fitness: Hearables Adopt Health & Wellness Sensors Current

Report | 31/10/2021 Steven Waltzer | Devices

VALUE SHARE: Global Smartwatch Revenue and ASP by OS by Price-Tier: Q3 2021
Xiaomi and others. Health, fitness, sports, safety and 4G connectivity are the five main killer apps and key selling points for carriers. Watch OS 8 was launched during Q3, The updated watchOS 8 software debuts additional watchfaces optimized for the larger display area on Series 7. Wellness is catered for by the new Mindfulness app, sleep respiratory

Report | 10/12/2021 Steven Waltzer | Devices

How are Mobile Operators Helping SMBs Tackle COVID-19
, mobility data, cloud data processing centers, as well as telephone or digital assistance capabilities) available to public administrations and health institutions to help contribute efforts to contain the outbreak. Telefónica strengthened their educational content through technology and online learning platforms aimed at teachers, parents and

Report | 03/08/2020 Gina Luk | Buyer Research

India: More Automakers Launching Connected Services to Compete
their connected car technologies, including digital assistants trained to recognize Indian accents (offered by MG in its Hector model and in Kia models with the UVO infotainment system) and dialects as well as parking space locator features for specific Indian cities (from Mercedes-Benz, for example). Hyundai launched its BlueLink connected car

Report | 24/05/2021 Richard Robinson | Automotive

VALUE SHARE: Global Wearables Revenue and ASP by Vendor : Q2 2021
Frames. FITNESS BANDS: We define a "fitness band" as a digital wrist-band (without a watch-like bulge) that monitors and records basic fitness or health data for consumer users that can be synched with a PC or phone. Some examples of fitness bands include the Fitbit Charge 4 and Xiaomi Mi Band 4. This device type does NOT include non-bands, fitness

Report | 28/09/2021 Steven Waltzer | Devices

Should Mobile Operators Push Back 5G Plans to 2021?
transport routes to help manage the health crisis, while also recognizing the importance of 5G in supporting a post-crisis economic recovery. On the 1st year anniversary of 5G services in South Korea, a strategic committee of 12 government ministries outlined the role they saw for 5G in leading the recovery after COVID-19. In part this involves plans to

Blog | 17/04/2020 Philip Kendall

Smart Home Market Update: July 2020
Controls (2019) Digital Health Systems Smart Bulbs Digitally Controlled Irrigation Systems Appliance Controllers LINE ITEMS FOR EACH DEVICE % Smart Homes with Device Initial Unit Sales Aftermarket Unit Sales Replacement Unit Sales Installed Base Average Unit Price Annual Consumer Spending Initial Spending Aftermarket & Replacement

Report | 14/07/2020 William Ablondi | Devices

VALUE SHARE: Global Smartwatch Revenue and ASP by Vendor by Price Tier : Q3 2021
storage as the Active 2. It also sports the same health-focused biosensors as the Active 2, such as blood pressure, ECG, and blood oxygen tracking. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 sports a digital rotating dial, the option for a bigger casing than the original Galaxy Watch Active, ECG capability, and a cellular connected option. The original Galaxy Watch

Report | 09/12/2021 Steven Waltzer | Devices

Global Smartwatch OS Market Share by Region : Q2 2021
health-focused biosensors as the Active 2, such as blood pressure, ECG, and blood oxygen tracking. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 sports a digital rotating dial, the option for a bigger casing than the original Galaxy Watch Active, ECG capability, and a cellular connected option. The original Galaxy Watch Active most notably added an optical blood pressure

Report | 25/08/2021 Steven Waltzer | Devices

VALUE SHARE: Global Fitness Band Revenue and ASP by Vendor by Price Tier : Q3 2021
shrinking wearables vendor (the deal has finally closed). After acquiring Twine Health, Fitbit is focused on a longer term healthcare play and potential recurring service revenue rather than one-time device sales, though is struggling to increase service revenues. Fitbit offered free access to the Fitbit premium health tracking program for a limited time

Report | 10/12/2021 Steven Waltzer | Devices

Q2 '20 - Quarterly B2B Mobile Devices Market Snapshot
and larger screens to facilitate remote work and e-learning. The ability to collaborate virtually as well as view and interact with digital content has become paramount, especially in the education space. Shipments of detachable tablets for users with greater productivity needs, have accelerated. These devices have gained traction as primary

Report | 01/10/2020 Gina Luk | IoT Ecosystem

Energy Management and the Smart Home - 2021: Products, Players, Predictions
five levels: • Level 0: Historical energy monitoring • These basic solutions raise consumer’s awareness of past energy use though they do not provide many opportunities to educate consumers about how to save energy, if any. • Level 1: Remote control and scheduling of devices • Consumers use an app, digital assistant, or both to set their

Report | 25/08/2021 Jack Narcotta | Devices

COVID-19: Fear as a Factor
similar responses with 60% to 70% of respondents perceiving COVID-19 as a serious threat to health and to their current lifestyle.  China shows about 40% of respondents with similar COVID-19 perceptions. With its younger population, COVID-19 may not be viewed as having the same risk potential. Likewise, having begun their experience a few months

Blog | 13/05/2020 Roger Lanctot | Automotive


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