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The healthcare ecosystem is going through severe growing pains brought about by rapid digital transformation, accelerated by COVID-19. As consumer and medical industries merge to provide a wealth of health data, challenges emerge. How do we meet the differing needs of patients, healthcare providers, caregivers, and administrators? How do we address interoperability issues? How do we win when it comes to digital health?


Our syndicated research and consultancy service answers these questions by diving deep into areas such as forecasting key players in the digital healthcare field, human factors issues affecting digital adoption, evaluation, and analysis of the user experience, identifying the most cost-effective vendors to use, and evaluating methods of deployment adopted within disjointed systems.


AR and VR in Healthcare - Market Uptake and 20 Case Studies

How is AR and VR being used in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical verticals today? How quick is the uptake by enterprises? Strategy Analytics' Enterprise survey data gives insight into adoption of these novel technologies. The report includes 20 case studies showing how AR and VR are improving patient outcomes though advanced surgery, enriching training, and enhancing the sales channel.

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Monitoring Health & Wellness Remotely: A Roadmap to Healthy Adoption

There has been a proliferation of digital health and wellness functions within the consumer wearables market and more attention has been paid to remote healthcare monitoring solutions either through a self managed approach (independently at home or in partnership with a physician) or through a full service program initiated and managed by the healthcare practitioner.

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The Smartwatch: An Integrated Healthcare Wearable

Advances in biometrics have allowed smartwatches to venture further into the healthcare industry. Smartwatches have come to market with integrated healthcare features that measure blood pressure, detect irregular heart rhythms, and detect falls to augment traditional health and wellness features.

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CES 2022: Digital Health Innovation

CES 2022 went ahead this year but with several companies scaling down or pulling out at the last minute due to concerns over the Omicron variant of COVID-19 that has been sweeping the globe. Still, there were over 40,000 attendees from 119 countries, and many exhibitors went ahead to showcase their products either physically or virtually.

The goal of this report is to present announcements and products of note in the healthcare sector as well as any relevant insights.

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Digital Health Research

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Global Smartphone Vendor ASP and Revenue Share by Region: Q4 2018
other stakeholders who want to track smartphone pricing and the financial health of major vendors on a regional basis. Publication Date: Next update of this report due to be published in June 2019 Mar-19 © Strategy Analytics | Although great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this

Report | 15/03/2019 Boris Metodiev | Devices

VALUE SHARE: Global Smartphone Revenue, ASP and Profit by Vendor by Price Tier : Q4 2018
metrics, as well as operating profit and margin for 23 major vendors from Q1 2010 to Q4 2018. Global smartphone vendor marketshare by price-tier, and global revenue-share tracking by PRICE-TIER, for all 23 vendors are also included. This report is a vital tool for monitoring the financial health and tiered marketshare of leading brands such as Samsung

Report | 21/02/2019 Linda Sui | Devices

TPMS: Technical Challenges to Smart Tire Concepts, But Possible Market Potential for Fleets
3.1 Tread depth 9 3.2 Contact patch 13 3.3 Road Surface Condition 13 3.4 Vertical Load 15 3.5 Tire Health and Identification 15 4. Technical Challenges 16 4.1 Existing Sensor Modules 16 4.2 Sensor Positioning 16 4.3 Power Consumption 17 4.4 Communication 18 4.5 Processing 18 5. Business Model 20 5.1 Fleet Deployments 20 5.2

Report | 18/04/2019 Kevin Mak | Automotive

2020 Smart Home Devices with Voice Control
Cameras - Electronic Door Locks - Video Doorbells - Connected Smoke Detectors - Electrical Switches, sockets and Smart Plugs - Digital Health Systems - Smart Appliance Controllers - Smart Bulbs - Other Devices: Window Covering Controllers, Garage Door Openers, etc. Devices that Strategy Analytics does not expect to incorporate voice control are

Report | 13/03/2020 William Ablondi | Devices

2021 Smart Home Devices with Voice Control
are expected to have in the future are: - Gateways/Hubs/Panels - Programmable Communicating Thermostats (PCTs) - Surveillance Cameras - Electronic Door Locks - Video Doorbells - Connected Smoke Detectors - Electrical Switches, sockets and Smart Plugs - Digital Health Systems - Smart Appliance Controllers - Smart Bulbs - Other Devices: Window

Report | 27/04/2021 William Ablondi | Devices

CES 2022: Bigger and Brighter Future for TV
Consumer Electronics CES 2022: Bigger and Brighter Future for TVs 12 January 2022 Report Snapshot CES 2022 took place from January 4-7 and returned to an in-person event after last year’s all digital affair. Concern over the rapid rise in Omicron variant infections led many companies (including big hitters such as

Report | 17/01/2022 Edouard Bouffenie | Media & Services

How will COVID-19 Impact Mobile Service Providers?
than a decline. A return to the (-4%) declines in W. Europe and (-1.7%) globally in revenue in the great recession in 2009 seems unlikely. Nevertheless, vigilance is critical and operators should consider promoting digital engagement around device upgrades and prepare for some reduced roaming revenue. Service Providers How will COVID-19

Report | 28/02/2020 Phil Kendall | Service Providers

2021 CES Smart Home Wrap-up - Virtually a Non-event
Smart Home January 2021 Author: Jack Narcotta, Tel: +1 617 614 0798 Email: Co-Author: Bill Ablondi, Tel: +1 617 614 0744 Email: Report Snapshot The all-digital CES 2021 was not a show filled with “wow” moments for the smart

Report | 25/01/2021 Jack Narcotta | Devices

CES 2021 Media Day: Automotive Industry ADAS & Autonomy Announcements
CES 2021 Media Day: Automotive Industry ADAS & Autonomy Announcements January 2021 Mark Fitzgerald Copyright © Strategy Analytics 2021 | 1 Report snapshot This report summarizes the key trends and announcements from OEMs and Tier suppliers during the all-digital Media Day at CES 2021 in

Report | 12/01/2021 Mark Fitzgerald | Automotive

CES 2021: Virtual Event Continues Emphasis on Electrification, ADAS/Automation, Driver Infotainment and Centralized Architectures
focused on electrification, ADAS/automation, driver infotainment and centralized architectures. Other notable product areas included digital keys, lighting, tactile sensing and cloud data analytics. Powertrain Body Chassis & Safety © Strategy Analytics 2021 All Rights Reserved | 2 Contents 1. Executive

Report | 28/01/2021 Kevin Mak | Automotive

Wired and Wireless Connectivity 2020 – Higher Power, Data; Focus on Improving User Experience
-market models, while USB reaffirms its relevance with USB-C and USB4 providing higher power and data throughput capabilities than ever before. NFC enters the charging game with WLC, and Ultra-wideband emerges as a key security technology for digital keys. Edward Sanchez esanchez@strategyanalytics. com +1 617 614 0717

Report | 23/11/2020 Edward Sanchez | Automotive

5G Integration and Operations in a Multi-Vendor, Container-Based Architecture
networking (SDN)/network function virtualization (NFV) since 2012, many processes are already undergoing digital transformation toward continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), DevOps, and more. However, an even greater change in software architecture, design methodology, and processes is demanded by the 5G move to a cloud-native

Report | 26/07/2020 Sue Rudd | Service Providers

Mobility-as-a-Service: Operators Leverage the Public Sector in Race to Develop Advanced MaaS
Automotive Connected Mobility (ACM) July 2020 Ben Lundin, Industry Analyst Tel: +1 617 614 0718 Email: In an increasingly digital world, consumers face an onslaught of new and competing applications vying for their attention and wallets. And as consumers continue

Report | 13/07/2020 Ben Lundin | Automotive

Industry Overview: Fare Collection, Ticketing, and the Future of Public Transportation
of them struggle to integrate their antiquated fare collection systems into the digital world. This report provides an industry overview of the fare collection industry and details some of the major private sector partners that are helping to propel public transportation toward future relevance in an increasingly mobile world

Report | 16/06/2020 Ben Lundin | Automotive

Impact of COVID-19 on Advertising: North America
indefinite hiatus and the postponement of the summer Olympics until 2021 due to the pandemic there is no live sports, which accounts for a significant portion of TV ad revenue. We also know that consumers are viewing more digital video as social distancing and quarantining go into effect. How this affects long-term viewing patterns, and thus ad spend

Report | 10/04/2020 Michael Goodman | Media & Services


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