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The healthcare ecosystem is going through severe growing pains brought about by rapid digital transformation, accelerated by COVID-19. As consumer and medical industries merge to provide a wealth of health data, challenges emerge. How do we meet the differing needs of patients, healthcare providers, caregivers, and administrators? How do we address interoperability issues? How do we win when it comes to digital health?


Our syndicated research and consultancy service answers these questions by diving deep into areas such as forecasting key players in the digital healthcare field, human factors issues affecting digital adoption, evaluation, and analysis of the user experience, identifying the most cost-effective vendors to use, and evaluating methods of deployment adopted within disjointed systems.


AR and VR in Healthcare - Market Uptake and 20 Case Studies

How is AR and VR being used in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical verticals today? How quick is the uptake by enterprises? Strategy Analytics' Enterprise survey data gives insight into adoption of these novel technologies. The report includes 20 case studies showing how AR and VR are improving patient outcomes though advanced surgery, enriching training, and enhancing the sales channel.

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Monitoring Health & Wellness Remotely: A Roadmap to Healthy Adoption

There has been a proliferation of digital health and wellness functions within the consumer wearables market and more attention has been paid to remote healthcare monitoring solutions either through a self managed approach (independently at home or in partnership with a physician) or through a full service program initiated and managed by the healthcare practitioner.

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The Smartwatch: An Integrated Healthcare Wearable

Advances in biometrics have allowed smartwatches to venture further into the healthcare industry. Smartwatches have come to market with integrated healthcare features that measure blood pressure, detect irregular heart rhythms, and detect falls to augment traditional health and wellness features.

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CES 2022: Digital Health Innovation

CES 2022 went ahead this year but with several companies scaling down or pulling out at the last minute due to concerns over the Omicron variant of COVID-19 that has been sweeping the globe. Still, there were over 40,000 attendees from 119 countries, and many exhibitors went ahead to showcase their products either physically or virtually.

The goal of this report is to present announcements and products of note in the healthcare sector as well as any relevant insights.

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Digital Health Research

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UXIP Newsletter July 2020
shopping, media, communication, and health services, is changing in key ways.  Shopping More than 1 in 5 consumers in the US and UK are delaying or postponing purchases of vehicles and smartphones, and delaying upgrading to 5G, while in China, more than 1 in 3 is delaying upgrading to 5G, and more than 2 in 5 are delaying the purchase of a

Report | 10/07/2020 Chris Schreiner | UX Innovation

Automotive Infotainment & Telematics - Systems & Features Q3 2021 - Market Overview
....................................................................... 34 Exhibit 4-5 OEM Wireless Device Charging – Front and Rear Seat Shipments ..................................................... 35 Exhibit 4-6 OEM Terrestrial and Satellite Digital Radio Forecast ............................................................................ 37 Exhibit 4-7 OEM – A2B Audio BUS Shipments

Report | 22/07/2021 Richard Robinson | Automotive

Global Defense Expenditure Forecast: 2020-2030
capture and factor in mid to long term Defense procurement/modernization appetite in order to refine the forecast further. Budgetary Accounts Budget expenditure allocation accounts/heads Military budget major expenditure heads: Personnel- salary and health expenditure for both military and civilian employees; Infrastructure- including bases

Report | 30/08/2021 Eric Higham | Components

Global Business Tablet Shipment Forecast by Country Q2 2021
area for many Digital Transformation projects and will provide a significant lift to the Corporate Liable device market. For that reason, we expect an increase in B2B tablet adoption in 2021. We continue to see a relaxing of rules to allow workers to access work files and cloud apps, while continuing to adopt remote and digital ways of working. Key

Report | 21/09/2021 Gina Luk | IoT Ecosystem

Global Wearables Microvendor Market Share : Q1 2021
. Examples of smartglasses include: Vuzix M300 and Epson Moverio BT-300. FITNESS BANDS: We define a "fitness band" as a digital wrist-band (without a watch-like bulge) that monitors and records basic fitness or health data for consumer users that can be synched with a PC or phone. Some examples of fitness bands include the Fitbit Inspire HR and Xiaomi Mi

Report | 27/05/2021 Steven Waltzer | Devices

Tactile Mobility: First Customer for Tactile Sensing is BMW, Will More OEMs Follow?
based on weather forecasts.  VehicleDNA is bound to a vehicle and behaves as a digital twin containing data on the vehicle’s health and performance.  To ensure consistency and accuracy along the processing pipeline, cloud analytics compare the data collected by different vehicles from the same series, and, if required, use the insights to

Report | 24/09/2020 Kevin Mak | Automotive

Tactile Mobility: First Customer for Tactile Sensing is BMW, Will More OEMs Follow?
enable the prediction of upcoming road conditions based on weather forecasts.  VehicleDNA is bound to a vehicle and behaves as a digital twin containing data on the vehicle’s health and performance.  To ensure consistency and accuracy along the processing pipeline, cloud analytics compare the data collected by different vehicles from the

Report | 24/09/2020 Kevin Mak | Automotive

Global Defense Expenditures Forecast and Analysis: 2020-2030
China’s advances. It is also focused on reorganization and force modernization in preparation for a major conventional war, capitalizing on mission critical technologies amid rapid technology advances in electromagnetic, materials, cyber, and digital capabilities. © Strategy Analytics 2021 All Rights Reserved | 18

Report | 08/11/2021 Eric Higham | Components

Global Business Smartphone Shipment Forecast by Country Q2 2021
implausible realities. Almost overnight, companies large and small would deliver important health, safety and work-related information directly to employees wherever they were. Organisations across the board are counting on enterprise mobility vendors or service providers to help them find ways to make the best use of their current investments, whilst

Report | 13/09/2021 Gina Luk | IoT Ecosystem

VALUE SHARE: Global Smartwatch Revenue and ASP by OS by Price Tier : Q2 2021
-tier, and global revenue-share tracking by PRICE-TIER, for these operating systems are also included. This report is a vital tool for monitoring the financial health and tiered market share of leading operating systems such as Apple Watch OS, Wear OS, Tizen, Pebble OS, Connect IQ, Fitbit OS, HarmonyOS, and others. Publication Date: Next update of

Report | 17/09/2021 Steven Waltzer | Devices

Why the Coronavirus Shutdown is Business as Usual for Uber
(ACM) Copyright © Strategy Analytics 2019 | 5 of 10 Product Differentiation If Uber’s balance sheet doesn’t make the case for Uber’s all but certain survival, its product differentiation certainly does. In Q4 2019, Uber Eats brought in a 78% year over year increase in revenue, with digital earnings

Report | 20/03/2020 Ben Lundin | Automotive

Network Equipment Vendor's Role in 5G Vertical Industry Market
technology companies have been working to enhance the 5G network solutions for B2B deployment. Qualcomm is proposing 5G CoMP architecture to achieve ultra-reliability. Huawei has provided customers the digital indoor system with a distributed massive MIMO solution. The initial deployment of the solution showed significant performance improvement

Report | 04/08/2021 Guang Yang | Service Providers

Integration of Connected Devices & Services: Recommendations for UX Strategy
November 2022, is taking a holistic, top down, citizen, and stakeholder first approach. Their design approach aims to create “responsive cities” where residents’ and stakeholders’ needs are central to the system design. Three pilot cities have been chosen, each with a commitment to digital transformation in the areas of mobility, health, and the

Report | 04/03/2021 Lisa Cooper | UX Innovation

VMware Bolsters Workspace Solutions to Enable a Future-Ready Workforce
being used, all of which can be used to improve cross- functional workflows and maintain high levels of security. This insight focuses on VMware Digital Workspace and how VMware introduced new and expanded capabilities to empower their customers, help improve business resilience, and prepare for the new distributed, hybrid workforce of the

Report | 19/10/2020 Gina Luk | Buyer Research

Towards Personalized Connected Experiences: Charting a Decade of UX Innovation
and settings to automated personalization based on what the system knows about the user (preferences, location, history and so on). Today, personalization has become intimately woven into the fabric of the user's engagement with digital technology - be it as simple as the app greeting the user by name, or as sophisticated as the app tailoring

Report | 17/02/2021 Kevin Nolan | UX Innovation


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