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The healthcare ecosystem is going through severe growing pains brought about by rapid digital transformation, accelerated by COVID-19. As consumer and medical industries merge to provide a wealth of health data, challenges emerge. How do we meet the differing needs of patients, healthcare providers, caregivers, and administrators? How do we address interoperability issues? How do we win when it comes to digital health?


Our syndicated research and consultancy service answers these questions by diving deep into areas such as forecasting key players in the digital healthcare field, human factors issues affecting digital adoption, evaluation, and analysis of the user experience, identifying the most cost-effective vendors to use, and evaluating methods of deployment adopted within disjointed systems.


AR and VR in Healthcare - Market Uptake and 20 Case Studies

How is AR and VR being used in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical verticals today? How quick is the uptake by enterprises? Strategy Analytics' Enterprise survey data gives insight into adoption of these novel technologies. The report includes 20 case studies showing how AR and VR are improving patient outcomes though advanced surgery, enriching training, and enhancing the sales channel.

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Monitoring Health & Wellness Remotely: A Roadmap to Healthy Adoption

There has been a proliferation of digital health and wellness functions within the consumer wearables market and more attention has been paid to remote healthcare monitoring solutions either through a self managed approach (independently at home or in partnership with a physician) or through a full service program initiated and managed by the healthcare practitioner.

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The Smartwatch: An Integrated Healthcare Wearable

Advances in biometrics have allowed smartwatches to venture further into the healthcare industry. Smartwatches have come to market with integrated healthcare features that measure blood pressure, detect irregular heart rhythms, and detect falls to augment traditional health and wellness features.

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CES 2022: Digital Health Innovation

CES 2022 went ahead this year but with several companies scaling down or pulling out at the last minute due to concerns over the Omicron variant of COVID-19 that has been sweeping the globe. Still, there were over 40,000 attendees from 119 countries, and many exhibitors went ahead to showcase their products either physically or virtually.

The goal of this report is to present announcements and products of note in the healthcare sector as well as any relevant insights.

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Digital Health Research

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CSP Adjacent Market Profile & Benchmark: Deutsche Telekom
Digital Health, Internet of Medical Things Success Indicators ▪ In Germany, 220 clinics and over 100,000 users are already working with iMedOne® hospital information system (HIS) ▪ More than 350 HIS systems have been implemented worldwide Geographies ▪ Six German locations in Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bochum and Mannheim Source: Company

Report | 07/03/2022 Nitesh Patel | IoT Ecosystem

Asia-Pacific Smart Home Market Update - Oct 2021
Smart Plugs Smart Standard and Dimmer Switches Smart Sockets Smart Plugs Digital Health Systems Smart Bulbs Digitally Controlled Irrigation Systems Appliance Controllers LINE ITEMS FOR EACH DEVICE % Smart Homes with Device Initial Unit Sales Aftermarket Unit Sales Replacement Unit Sales Installed Base Average Unit Price Annual

Report | 26/10/2021 William Ablondi | Devices

CSP Adjacent Market Profile & Benchmark: Telefónica
Digital Health / E-Health ▪ E-health is a key Telefónica 5G vertical; SMEs are being targeted with Telefónica Tech cloud and security product additions ▪ Telefónica’s numerous 5G research and development projects name telemedicine as a potential beneficiary of improved connectivity ▪ In Brazil, Vivo seems to be focusing on its Vivo Telemedicine

Report | 22/11/2021 Nitesh Patel | IoT Ecosystem

CSP Adjacent Market Profile and Benchmark: AT&T
today in Houston. Our newest innovation facility will focus on digital health solutions from inside Texas Medical Center’s (TMC) Innovation Institute in Houston. ▪ The Houston AT&T Foundry is located directly among AT&T’s potential customers. AT&T aims to collaborate with the hospitals, clinics, startups, and other TMC facilities to

Report | 25/10/2021 Nitesh Patel | IoT Ecosystem

CSP Adjacent Market Profile & Benchmark: NTT DoCoMo
. 11March 2022 Non-telco Segments/Business Units Other Businesses Division Overview Main subsidiaries ▪ DOCOMO CS, Inc. (9 companies in Japan) ▪ DOCOMO Support, Inc. ▪ DOCOMO Systems, Inc. ▪ DOCOMO Technology, Inc. ▪ DOCOMO Datacom, Inc. ▪ DCM Reinsurance Company, Inc. (Based overseas – Honolulu, USA) ▪ DOCOMO Digital Limited (Based overseas

Report | 30/03/2022 Nitesh Patel | IoT Ecosystem

Maxim Acquisition Will Boost ADI, but Beware of Historical Pitfalls
products in digital health, wearables, 5G infrastructure and data centers, particularly with Maxim’s power management IC expertise.  However, we would advise ADI to avoid some of the mistakes woven into Maxim’s history, especially with respect to retaining talent through corporate culture and employee incentives. Analysis As one of the

Report | 14/07/2020 Christopher Taylor | Components

It's Time for Telcos to Consider the Roadmap of the Next Decade.
has been proven during fighting against the COVID-19. Network connectivity is essential for remote work, remote education, remote health care, etc. An OECD report indicated ‘since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, demand for broadband communication services has soared, with some operators experiencing as much as a 60% increase in Internet

Blog | 28/03/2022 Guang Yang

Biometric Technologies: Vendor Database
biometric devices include a reader or scanning device to record the biometric factor being authenticated; software to convert scanned data into standardized digital formats for comparison with a database; and a database to securely store the biometric data for comparison. The aim of this database is to detail key players in the biometric hardware and

Report | 21/02/2022 Diane O'Neill | UX Innovation

Amazon Product Announcements: HMI Impacts
. Amazon Astro User Experience Strategies © Strategy Analytics 2021 All Rights Reserved | 5 Biometrics Amazon announced improvements to their health and fitness

Report | 01/10/2021 Chris Schreiner | UX Innovation

7 Key Predictions for the IoT in 2021
but has now become an area of intense focus due to COVID-19. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) committed to investing $200m in telehealth in the US2, which coupled with better adoption, a more favourable regulatory environment, interoperability, and user experience, means digital health will play a more 2 https

Report | 01/03/2021 Andrew Brown | IoT Ecosystem

AR and VR in Healthcare - Market Uptake and 20 Case Studies
Analytics, Inc. 15 Case Study: Imperial College London • AR in Healthcare • Clinical Trial with St. Mary's Hospital Liverpool, Feb 2018, in the UK • Surgery • HoloLens allows surgeons to take CT scans that have previously been completed and overlay 3D digital models of them onto a patient’s limb during reconstructive surgery • The technique has

Report | 08/11/2021 David MacQueen | UX Innovation

Toyota Multimedia Opens Doors for OSM
Digital Key that enables users to access compatible Toyota models via smartphone (via Bluetooth) that is sharable with up to seven different guest users • Safety Connect emergency response services • Service Connect for personalized maintenance updates and vehicle health reports The new system debuted in the MY-2022 Lexus NX. Further, models

Report | 10/05/2022 Roger Lanctot | Automotive

Global Consumer Electronics Market Forecasts 2014-2024: Forecast Update Summary
• User research Smart Home Strategies (SHS) Smart home security, Home control and convenience, energy management, digital health • Market tracking and forecasts for key device & brand metrics • Quarterly brand shares by region • Shipments, revenues, ASPs, growth rates • Installed base, households, ownership • Up to 88 countries*, 6

Report | 15/01/2021 Chirag Upadhyay | Devices

AR and VR in Energy and Utilities - Market Uptake and 15 Case Studies
• Live, May 2020, in the USA • Remote operations management, training, collaboration, site walkthroughs • Enhanced-reality-based employee health and safety training • Phantom View streams full-scale 3D models of drill sites, accurately reconstructed from real sites and with realistic physics • The simulation evaluates employees’ ability to

Report | 01/02/2022 David MacQueen | IoT Ecosystem

Can Smart Surfaces Create Smarter HMIs? Advances & Use Cases
What’s Next? Novel HMI in the Car • Digital Twin Cities: Use Cases and UX Success Factors • Smartwatches & Fitness Bands: Prioritization and Satisfaction Smart surfaces and smart materials are emerging technologies which can sense environmental changes, respond automatically to their surroundings or stimuli and consequently adapt to them

Report | 26/07/2021 Diane O'Neill | UX Innovation


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