5G is the fastest growing generation of mobile internet. Understanding how to leverage this market is a continuing problem. How do you make a return on the large investments into mobile infrastructure required for 5G? How do you meet consumers requirements for a better service whilst being sensitive to price changes? And how do vendors present their value proposition to gaining a worthwhile share of the market?

Strategy Analytics’ industry and consumer backed insight and forecasting into the ‘5G Opportunity’ provides a holistic view of the market across networks, service providers, use cases, devices and enabling technologies. This enables us to perfectly position your go to market strategy and offer bespoke solutions to your 5G problems.


KSFs for 5G Operators - Is a Marketing Strategy Needed?

5G networks are the wave of the future. A high percentage of network infrastructure investment will be 5G or ‘5G ready’ in order to gain efficiency and flexibility. The financial impact of the significant Investment required for these new networks is less certain. There is potential for disruption of both revenues and margins. This report explores key issues and risks for competing operators as they move to 5G.

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Worldwide Cellular User Forecast 2020-2025

What % of the market is going to be using 5G?
How big and how quick does it grow ?

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5G: The Environment and Sustainable business practices in the Smartphone 5G Purchase Decision?

How do smartphone buyers view the issue of environment and sustainability?
Are they willing to pay a premium?
Is there an opportunity for 5G promotions targeting segments that value sustainability?

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B2B 5G Deployment Plans and Priorities in France, Germany and USA - First Sightings

Strategy Analytics has concluded a survey of 950 Enterprise IT Decision Makers (ITDM) in Germany, France and USA. This report focuses on first sighting of data on the topic of 5G.

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5G Research

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5G smartphone prices crash 40% however one feature justifies a 130 USD price premium
In one year the median retail price of 5G smartphones has nose-dived by 40%. This was reported in Strategy Analytics’ recent TRAX webinar revealed the 5G retail price fall, and recently backed up by a 50% reduction in wholesale ASPs determined by our Emerging Device Technologies (EDT) Research Service. mmWave vs Sub-6 Smartphone Retail

Blog | 19/10/2020 Phill Maling

5G Phone Sales to Grow 150% in 2021
New research from our EDT (Techs) service forecasts worldwide 5G smartphone sales to grow a healthy +150% in 2021. The latest Apple iPhone 12 hitting stores this month is a major catalyst that will spike 5G demand in the coming months. Clients can download our full 5G handset forecast for 88 countries and 6 regions from 2019 to 2025 here.

Blog | 14/10/2020 Neil Mawston

Apple Announces Four iPhone 12s with 5G and the Powerful Bionic A14
On October 13, 2020, Apple unveiled the latest updates of its smartphone lineup -- iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. The most anticipated news of the launch was the inclusion of 5G connectivity. All four new models in the US market will support both sub-6 and mmWave, while in other major countries, new iPhones will only support sub-6 5G

Blog | 14/10/2020 Boris Metodiev

Apple iPhone 12 : 5G and A14 Add Speed and Power
Smartphones www.strategyanalytics.com October 13, 2020 Boris Metodiev Tel: +44 (0) 1908 423 698 Email: bmetodiev@strategyanalytics.com Report Summary Apple has introduced four new smartphones models -- iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. All new handsets include 5G connectivity, delivering faster and more

Report | 14/10/2020 Boris Metodiev | Devices

US 5G Smartphone Sales Forecast
Emerging Devices www.strategyanalytics.com October 8, 2020 Neil Mawston Tel: +44 1908 423 628 Email: NMawston@strategyanalytics.com Report Summary Apple’s new 5G iPhone is set to ignite the US smartphone market. Operators and retailers can expect a frenzy of upgrades in the coming months. How many 5G handsets will

Report | 08/10/2020 Neil Mawston | Devices

Rakuten Members: a New Business Model to Threaten 5G Incumbency
Service Providers www.strategyanalytics.com October 2020 Phil Kendall Tel: +44 1908 423620 Email: pkendall@strategyanalytics.com Report Snapshot Rakuten’s 5G service launch in Japan will require a significant pricing response from the incumbents if it succeeds in its aggressive network coverage plans and in

Report | 06/10/2020 Phil Kendall | Service Providers

China: A Vision of Intelligent Vehicles in the 5G Era
Infotainment and Telematics www.strategyanalytics.com October 2020 Kevin Li Tel: +8618601103697 Email: kli@strategyanalytics.com This report focusses on the intentions of car OEMs in China to adopt 5G, as well as when 5G will become mainstream in the auto industry in China. In particular, this report discusses the 5G

Report | 05/10/2020 Kevin Li | Automotive

Cloud Native for the 5G Core: Enabling Mobile Operators to compete with Cloud Hyperscalers
WINTER 2020 SECRETS OF DATA MANAGEMENT FOR THE 5G CORE Back to contents By Sue Rudd CLOUD NATIVE FOR THE 5G CORE - WHAT’S DRIVING THE MARKET? 1 5 6 When a headline in late 2019 declared, “NFV Is Dead – The Cloud Killed It” the industry went crazy, widely reposting the story declaring that NFV was dead. In reality they said

Report | 04/10/2020 Sue Rudd | Service Providers

5G Smartphone Prices Plunge -50%
Global 5G smartphone ASPs have plunged by almost 50% in the past year. Cheaper components and a flood of lower-cost models from China are driving down prices. Huawei, Xiaomi, Qualcomm, MediaTek and others lead the way. Clients of our EDT (Techs) service can read the full analysis here.

Blog | 01/10/2020 Neil Mawston

Low-Cost 5G Phones Target the US
Our new analysis finds 5G smartphone prices are falling faster than many expected. Three new 5G smartphones this quarter, from Motorola, LG and TCL, using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G platform, offer exceptional value for US consumers looking for a new 5G model at a more affordable price-point.  But which one offers the best bang-for

Blog | 01/10/2020 Neil Mawston

5G Smartphone Prices Fall by Half
Emerging Devices www.strategyanalytics.com October 1, 2020 Neil Mawston Tel: +44 1908 423 628 Email: NMawston@strategyanalytics.com Report Summary Global 5G smartphone ASPs have plunged by almost 50% in the past year. Cheaper components and a flood of lower-cost models from China are driving down prices. Huawei

Report | 01/10/2020 Neil Mawston | Devices

The Expanding Landscape of 5G Smartphone Use - 2020 - An Update
Business & Finance Communication Entertainment Games Lifestyle Miscellaneous News, Weather &… Other Photography Productivity Social Tools Transportation Travel & Local Source: AppOptix - Strategy Analytics, Inc. Comparison of U.S. 5G and Non-5G Use by App Category Android Market - Minutes of Average Daily Use - 2020 YTD Non

Report | 30/09/2020 Barry Gilbert | Media & Services

Experiences and Lessons from the Early 5G B2B Deployments in China
Networks & Service Platforms www.strategyanalytics.com September 2020 Guang Yang Tel: +8613801372507 Email: gyang@strategyanalytics.com China has built the largest 5G network in the world. Chinese operators see the enterprise market as a new growth engine, so they are actively developing 5G B2B businesses. The

Report | 28/09/2020 Guang Yang | Service Providers

Global 5G Smartphone Shipments Forecast by Vendor by Region by Quarter to 2021
1. Title Emerging Devices 1. Title Global 5G Smartphone Shipments Forecast by Vendor by Region by Quarter 1. Title Emerging Device Technologies (EDT) Market Data   The first 5G handsets emerged commercially in H1 2019 shipping in low volumes; volumes picked up in 2H2019. Huawei led in 2Q 2020 shipments followed by Samsung. The

Report | 15/09/2020 Ville-Petteri Ukonaho | Devices

Can value based devices from TCL, Motorola and LG fuel 5G in the US?
Emerging Devices www.strategyanalytics.com September 2020 Ken Hyers Tel: +1 617 614 0757 Email: khyers@strategyanalytics.com Report Snapshot 5G smartphone prices are falling faster than expected. Three new 5G smartphones, from Motorola, LG and TCL utilizing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G platform offer exceptional value

Report | 14/09/2020 Ken Hyers | Devices


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