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As your business and customers evolve, it’s critical to deeply understand the market for growth and development. But identifying meaningful insights that are relevant to decision making requires an experienced team. A team that’s been in your shoes, who listens and understands the complexities of your business – whether that’s in one country or 50. A team that is passionate about knowing your customers and will create customized research approaches to fit your specific needs. At Strategy Analytics, we take on your business problems like they are our own, conducting custom, primary market research to support your business needs.


COVID-19 Catalyst for Economic Disruption

Strategy Analytics clients are facing turbulent economies around the world being driven by the COVID-19 virus and the policies being implemented to control it.

Strategy Analytics has synthesized the inputs from a wide range of sources and developed scenarios to address the range of outcomes, the risks, and often the opportunities that may emerge. This report presents both a Deep U curve recovery and a more pessimistic Deep U XL (extended length) curve and details the expected impact on global and regional GDP growth.

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We listen

We listen

For research to be effective and have a strong impact on decisions, business issues must be deeply understood.

By intently listening to your business needs, we design and conduct custom, primary market research that adds value and drives decisions.

We customize

We customize

No two businesses are the same, and no two business problems are the same.

Whether it’s qualitative or quantitative research, modelling and advanced analytics or a simple survey, your business objectives are met with a customized approach to meet your needs.

We are your team

We are your team

Each business team is unique – from large, global internal research teams to those who have never conducted a primary research project.

Choose to work with a company that’s done it all before and will have your best interest in mind every step of the way.

Webinar Replay: COVID-19 Tracking Changing Consumer Behaviors and Implications for Brands in US, UK and China

Strategy Analytics shares our analysis and insights on the changing consumer attitudes and expectations about covid-19 impact on consumer life and technology purchases. Additionally, we evaluate how users perceptions of key brand groups have changed in the US, UK and China based on how they have handled the pandemic. Two waves of online surveys with national representative samples of adults were conducted March 21-24 and April 21-25.

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COVID-19 Consumer Actions, Attitudes and Behavior Changes

How are consumers reacting to the COVID-19 crisis. Strategy Analytics carried out research in the US, UK, and China with these goals:

  • Understand awareness and attitudes towards COVID-19
  • Understand changing work, life and leisure activities
  • Capture consumer expectations on a return to normalcy
  • Determine the impact of COVID-19 on future purchase cycle for new devices
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Top 10 Research Pitfalls for CPG Innovation

When it comes to using research to identify innovation opportunities and optimize new products, there are some common pitfalls we observe that prevent research from having its full impact, or prevent the business from maximizing its potential.

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Top 10 B2B Research Mistakes

Here are the top ten mistakes we frequently see clients making that sabotage the effectiveness of research.

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 Global Leader in Advanced Analytics Global Leader in Advanced Analytics


Every business has a new, unexplored question. A question that – as yet – doesn’t have an answer or a traditional way to get at that answer. This is when Strategy Analytics comes into its own. Applying leading methods and creating new-to-the-world analytics ensures you’ll benefit from our passion for generating insights that best address your business issues, whether they are understanding the market, driving strategy and innovation, new product development and pricing, or branding and go-to-market efforts.


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CV-19 Consumer Actions,Attitudes and Behavior Changes in China, UK, and US
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