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Author: Chris Schreiner
Publication Date: Aug 31 2017
Pages: 24
Report Type: Webinar Replay

 User Experience Strategies

Webinar Replay - Robotics: Redefining the Consumer Expectation

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Report Summary:

The recent surge in demand for intelligent home devices has positioned consumer-grade robots as physical task-doers that perform only a single task - with current examples including robotic lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners. This perception however understates their potential as adaptive and personable machines.  Future robots will deliver far greater value to their users through their capability to perform unpredictable physical tasks, their ability to learn, and their potential to execute tasks beyond the home.

This webinar presents Strategy Analytics’ User Experience Strategies research into the needs, behaviors, and expectations of consumers regarding robotics.  Recommendations are provided for delivering the most compelling experiences for consumer-grade robots in the future.


  • In what ways does a robot differ from other consumer-grade devices?
  • What features do consumers find compelling?
  • What are the obstacles that deter consumers from buying them?
  • What are the emerging use cases that will change how they're used?

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