Author: Chris Schreiner

Publication Date: Jul 28 2017

Pages: 26

Report Type: Buyer Analysis

 User Experience Strategies

VIRTUAL REALITY: Who are VR owners and VR Intenders?

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Report Summary:

Virtual reality (VR) is a nascent technology that holds huge promise. As an interactive medium that offers unparalleled immersion, it paves the way for true emotional connection with content through total sensory engagement. A recent study from the User Experience Strategies (UXS) service at Strategy Analytics, “UXS Technology Planning Report: Virtual Reality”, surveyed the needs, behaviors and expectations of future VR users. However, to further understand the VR market, it is interesting to explore user demographics.

Strategy Analytics’ User Experience Strategies service conducted a web survey of VR owners and intenders. This report presents the demographics of these consumers in the US, Western Europe, China and India, providing insight into future use cases of VR technology.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Methodology     5

VR Owner / Intender Profiles     7

VR Intender Use Cases     11

Conclusions     18

UXS Research Team     20

Appendix: Survey Demographics     21

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