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Author: Monica Wong

Publication Date: Aug 31 2015

Pages: 33

Report Type: Report, Word

 User Experience Strategies

Tweens & Technology: Understanding Smartphone Behaviors of Tweens

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Report Summary:

This report presents the findings of Strategy Analytics’ in-depth interviews with 12 parents and 12 tweens (aged between eight and twelve years) that own smartphones. Communication was identified as the top motivation for both parents and tweens wanting a smartphone. Parents find it important to maintain a sense of control over their child’s smartphone; with most saying they check their phone on a frequent basis.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction & Methodology
  • Smartphone Purchase Motivations
    • Parent Purchase Motivations
    • Tween Purchase Motivations
    • Tween Purchase Age
  • Purchase Goals
    • Brand/Carrier
    • Features/Functionality
    • Smartphone Plans & Cost
  • Rules & Restrictions
    • Monitor
    • Limits
    • Restricted Applications
  • Safeguard Applications
    • Safeguard Application Implementation
  • Smartphone: Life Changes
    • Pro’s
    • Con’s
    • Usage for Education
  • Tween’s Smartphone Applications
    • Top 30 Tween Applications
    • Tween Frequently Used Features – Unique Use Cases
    • Other Tween Applications
  • Tween: Other Technology & Accessories
  • Conclusion
  • Contact the author of this report
  • Appendix

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