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Author: Kevin Nolan
Publication Date: Aug 25 2015
Pages: 41
Report Type: Report, Word

 User Experience Strategies

The Streaming Media Device Experience

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Report Summary:

Dedicated streaming media devices have increasingly threatened to replace the need for a costly smart TV as they have proven to provide a more portable and seamless media experience in terms of embedded apps/services and compatible devices, at a cheaper cost. Big name tech companies such as Google, Apple and Amazon look to take a dominant stand in the connected media device industry, as they look to improve their already popular streaming media devices currently on the market. It has now become a race to provide the consumer with the ‘ultimate media experience.’ Ultimately, it will come down to who will gain customer loyalty to their ecosystem? Loyalty to one’s ecosystem, especially true for the crowded streaming media device industry, has not and will not come without an all-encompassing effort in providing value-added apps, services and features to improve the media experience. While media devices have the upper hand in being the cheapest option to have connected features and apps on a TV, they must take into consideration the ‘cord-cutters,’ ‘casual gamers,’ ‘productivity junkies’ and ‘devoted pay TV users,’ to provide all critical aspects vital to the media experience on the larger screen. Dedicated streaming media device ownership is low in the UK (19%), with significantly more respondents in China (74%) and the US (41%) who own a streaming media device in this study. However, as cord-cutting and cord-shaving become even more prevalent with the introduction of pay TV OTT SVOD services like Dish’s Sling TV and Sony’s Vue TV, the cheaper streaming media device will become even more essential to the consumer home.
Table of Contents

3.1     Region  7

3.2     Age  10

4.1     Region  12

4.2     Age  14

5.1     Region  17

5.2     Age  18

6.1     Region  20

6.2     Age  22

7.1     Region  26

7.2     Age  28

8.1     Region  30

8.2     Age  30

9.1     Streaming Media Device Owners  32

9.1.1       Region  32

9.1.2       Age  32

9.2     Non-Streaming Media Device Owners (US & UK Only) 33

9.2.1       Region  33

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