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Author: Kevin Nolan

Publication Date: Aug 21 2015

Pages: 59

Report Type: Report, Word

 User Experience Strategies

The Smart TV Experience

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Report Summary:

The popularity of OTT SVOD has influenced the increase of connected media devices in consumers’ homes. However, the smart TV is no longer the go to connected media device for several consumers. Nowadays, consumers are not just relying on one connected media device per household, but rather, they are turning to multiple devices due to costs, ease of use, UI and navigation, compatibility with other ecosystems and the apps/services/features available. While smart TVs are ever more sought after for next TV purchases, such devices still have yet to provide a compelling and convincing media experience as a standalone connected device for one’s household. In the UK, just more than half of respondents do not own a smart TV, compared to just over a third of respondents in the US and just less than a fifth in China. In all regions, respondents who own a smart TV are most likely to own just one. In the US and UK, the biggest change in respondents’ TV/video viewing behaviors due to owning a smart TV, is the increase of TV/video content consumed as a result of the ease of access to more media content directly on their TV via embedded applications/services available. In China, respondents indicated that the biggest change their smart TV has had on their TV/video viewing behaviors is the ability to watch what they want, when they want. The lack of being restricted by a broadcasted TV schedule was liberating to many as consumers now have the ability to choose the program they want to watch, when it is convenient to them individually.

Table of Contents

3.1     Region  8

3.2     Gender 12

3.3     Age  16

4.1     Region  20

4.2     Gender 22

4.3     Age  25

5.1     Region  29

5.2     Gender 29

5.3     Age  30

6.1     Region  32

6.2     Gender 34

6.3     Age  37

7.1     Region  41

7.2     Gender 44

7.3     Age  46

8.1     Region  48

8.2     Gender 48

8.3     Age  49

9.1     Smart TV Owners  50

9.1.1       Region  50

9.1.2       Gender 50

9.1.3       Age  51

9.2     Non-Smart TV Owners  52

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