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Author: Kevin Nolan
Publication Date: Sep 01 2015
Pages: 38
Report Type: Report, Word
User Experience Strategies

The Connected Media Device Ecosystem: Smart TVs vs. Dedicated Streaming Media Devices

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Report Summary:

The popularity of OTT SVOD has influenced the increase of connected media devices in consumers’ homes. Connected media devices continue to change consumers’ TV/video viewing behavior by bringing a variety of sources of media and entertainment to the larger screen. From family TV night via broadcasted TV to binge watching and content stacking via OTT SVOD services on consumers’ individual time; content consumption is in the control of the consumer, with consumers viewing more TV/video than ever before. The connected media device industry consists of a variety of players, including multiple brands, platforms and device styles. From the smart TV to the dedicated game console to the portable dedicated streaming media device, the connected media device ecosystem has become an essential aspect in regards to the consumer media experience and consumer loyalty. While smart TVs are ever more sought after for next TV purchases, such devices still have yet to provide a compelling and convincing media experience as a standalone connected device for one’s household. Dedicated streaming media devices have increasingly threatened to replace the need for a costly smart TV as they have proven to provide a more portable and seamless media experience in terms of embedded apps/services and compatible devices, at a cheaper cost. This raises the following questions: are consumers willing to be locked into one connected media device ecosystem, or, will they continue to rely on multiple connected media devices to ensure a comprehensive and compelling media experience?

Table of Contents

4.1     Region  9

4.2     Gender 9

4.3     Age  10

5.1     Ease of Use  12

5.2     Ease of Navigation  12

5.3     Ease of Searching for Content of Interest 13

5.4     Satisfaction of Remote  14

5.5     Satisfaction of Response Time  15

5.6     Usage of Apps/Services/Features  16

6.1     Smart TVs  19

6.1.1       Likes  19

6.1.2       Dislikes  20

6.2     Streaming Media Devices  21

6.2.1       Likes  21

6.2.2       Dislikes  22

7.1     Smart TVs  23

7.2     Streaming Media Devices  24

7.3     Smart TVs vs. Streaming Media Device  24

7.3.1       Region  26

7.3.2       Age  26

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