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T-Mobile's Addition of YouTube to Binge On Provides a More Compelling Mobile Video Experience for Their Subscribers

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Report Summary:

In November 2015, T-Mobile launched a zero-rated video streaming program called “Binge On” to supplement its zero-rated music streaming service, called “Music Freedom”.  At launch, Binge On had 24 total services users could stream from without incurring any mobile data costs.  Today, T-Mobile has more than doubled the amount of streaming services, and now includes YouTube and Google Play Movies.  The latest enhancement to Binge On will lead to increased media consumption, and could influence streaming video enthusiasts to leave their current mobile operator in exchange for virtually unlimited mobile video streaming from some very popular sources.

Table of Contents

  1. Analysis
  2. Consumers Want to Stream Their Media
  3. Binge On Presents Users with Greater Choice
  4. YouTube Makes Binge On More Compelling for Consumers
  5. Implications

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