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Smart TVs Need More Dedicated Chinese Online Content Apps

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Report Summary:

Chinese smart TV owners share many of the frustrations of US and UK owners - including the slow speed of reaction of the TV while using the connected functionality. However, one key difference is the fact that Chinese consumers are much more comfortable with using a web browser on a Smart TV. A lack of compelling local online video apps along with strong familiarity with sites such as Hao123 on a PC drives this behavior. However, this does not mean that Smart TVs for Chinese markets should be more like PCs. In fact, Chinese families need simpler smart TVs as they are more likely to include older parents who are generally the heaviest users of the TV in the household. Therefore, we believe that there is a real opportunity for smart TV makers to cooperate with online video portal providers to create smart TV apps specifically for China. These will reduce consumer frustration with awkward controllers and drive connected usage overall.

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