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Multiple Device Use Encourages Need for Constant Stimulation While Watching TV

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Report Summary:

The most used device while watching television or consuming video in-home is the smartphone, while many viewers are using at least two devices as part of a second screen experience. The increasing screen size of smartphones, availability of apps and web content with engaging multimedia experiences have encouraged the use of multiple devices to feed short attention spans, and encourage a need or want to be continually stimulated if bored with what is on the TV. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter provide a virtual gathering place for TV viewers to interact and engage in discussion regarding the TV shows they are watching; however the use cases of each social network are generally quite different. While TV companion apps intend to provide a more enhanced TV viewing experience, participants find that they lack interactive and engaging use cases and features, with many finding it difficult to concentrate on what they are watching while engaging with an app at the same time.

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