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Multi-screen Behaviors: Need for Constant Stimulation Drives Second Device Use While Watching TV; Activity and Location Drive Type of Second Device Used

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Report Summary:

TV is changing not dying. But consumption patterns are changing in terms of devices used, sources used and consumer behaviors in front of the TV. Multi-device behaviors have been increasing over the years due to the accessibility and ease of use of the personal device as well as the extensive amount of content made available on demand, on such devices – including both TV/video and social entertainment. The need for constant stimulation amongst consumers has also increased, providing the avenue for mobile devices to be the stimulus of such a need. In both the US and the UK, smartphones are by far the most common device used as a second device when watching TV/online video. For both regions, the biggest change in respondents’ second device behaviors is seen in the increase of their use. The ability to do so much more on a smartphone and tablet has seen the ease and efficiency at which a consumer can undertake a second task or tasks while watching TV, increase considerably. This does not only relate to texting, calling and social media; the increased use of companion apps has created the ability for consumers to specifically interact with the program they are watching. The ability to purchase products seen advertised or research something of interest has been made infinitely easier by the presence of a second device – while the TV is kept on as the main event. 

Table of Contents

1.             Executive Summary

2.             Introduction

3.             Second Device Use While Watching TV/Video in Home

3.1          Region

3.2          Gender

3.3          Age

4.             Second Device in Relation to what is on TV

4.1          Region

4.2          Gender

4.3          Age

5.             Activities on the Second Device

5.1          Region

5.2          Gender

5.3          Age

6.             Second Device Use based on Location

7.             The Second Device vs. the TV

8.             Other Experiences with a Second Device

8.1          Mirroring Content from the Second Device

8.2          Individual vs. Collective Experiences with a Second Device

9.             Second Device Use in the Future

10.          Conclusion

11.          Appendix: Participant Profiles (In-home Interviews / Focus Groups)

12.          Appendix: Respondent Profiles (Online Survey)


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