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Author: Christopher Dodge

Publication Date: Jul 08 2015

Pages: 15

Report Type: Report, Word

 User Experience Strategies

Mobile Gaming: Incentives, Timeouts, and Updates Make the Experience More Compelling

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Report Summary:

While mobile gaming remains a quick source of entertainment during consumer downtime, Strategy Analytics identified four motivators that are making the mobile gaming experience more compelling.  Two of these motivators involve incentives for the consumer, which can lead to generating greater revenue for mobile game developers.  Console gamers are indicating a heavier lean towards their smartphones – mainly due to the lack of dedicated time for proper console gaming.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Gaming Behaviors 
     3.1 More Time Spent Playing Mobile Games Outside of the Home 
    3.2 Paying For Mobile Games
4. Gaming Behaviors Across Devices
5. New Motivators for Mobile Game Play
6. Conclusions

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