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Author: Paul Brown
Publication Date: Oct 04 2016
Pages: 40
Report Type: Benchmark

 User Experience Strategies

Mobile Device Evaluation: Xiaomi Mi5, Meizu Pro 6, and Lenovo ZUK Z2

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Report Summary:

This report presents the findings’ of Strategy Analytics user evaluation of the Xiaomi Mi5, Meizu Pro 6, and Lenovo ZUK Z2 in Shenzhen, China. After the evaluation, participants exhibited greater purchase intention on the Meizu Pro 6 than the other two devices. Though all devices provided some innovative and differentiating features, none of these features could effectively improve participants’ interest level.
Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Initial Impressions
    3.1 Xiaomi Mi5
    3.2 Meizu Pro 6
    3.3 Lenovo ZUK Z2
  4. Highlight Features
    4.1 Xiaomi Call Show
    4.2 Xiaomi Wallet
    4.3 Meizu 3D-Press
    4.4 Meizu mSound 
    4.5 Lenovo ZUK Z2 Fingerprint Scanner
    4.6 Lenovo ZUK Z2 Home Button Multi-tasking
    4.7 Lenovo ZUK Z2 Health and Fitness
    4.8 Lenovo ZUK Z2: Call Rejecting with WeChat Message
    4.9 Lenovo ZUK Z2: Weather Alarm
  5. Usability Findings
    5.1 Add Information to a Contact
          5.1.1 Xiaomi Mi5
          5.1.2 Meizu Pro 6
          5.1.3 Lenovo ZUK Z2
    5.2 Send a Text Message
    5.3 Camera
          5.3.1 Xiaomi Mi5
          5.3.2 Meizu Pro 6
          5.3.3 Lenovo ZUK Z2
    5.4 Music Player
    5.5 Multi-tasking
  6. Industrial Design Evaluation
    6.1 Physical Attributes
    6.2 Touchscreen Ratings
    6.3 Style Continuum Ratings
  7. Conclusion
  8. Analyst Contacts
  9. Appendix: Participant Profile

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