Author: Paul Brown

Publication Date: Aug 23 2016

Pages: 51

Report Type: Benchmark

 User Experience Strategies

Mobile Device Evaluation: Huawei Honor V8 and Vivo Xplay 5

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Report Summary:

In July 2016, Strategy Analytics conducted a series of user experience evaluation studies with existing smartphone users in Shenzhen, China, investigating the user experience highlights and shortages of the Huawei Honor V8, and Vivo Xplay 5. With a set of useful innovations, the Huawei Honor V8 was well received by participants. Though the curved screen on the Vivo Xplay 5 has brought a feeling of leading edge, consumers are unlikely to pay premium for a feature that did not bring value-added experience.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Initial Impressions
   3.1 Huawei Honor V8
   3.2 Vivo Xplay
4. Highlight Features
   4.1 Huawei Honor V8: Gestures
        4.1.1 Knuckle Gesture: screenshots
        4.1.2 Knuckle Gesture: Drawing Letters for Feature Launch
   4.2 Dual Tasking
        4.2.1 Dual-tasking: Vivo Xplay 5
        4.2.2 Dual-Tasking: Huawei Honor V8
   4.3 Huawei Honor V8: Smart Key
   4.4 The Edge: Vivo Xplay 5
   4.5 App Clone: Vivo Xplay 5 
5. Usability Findings
   5.1 Add Information to a Contact
        5.1.1 Huawei Honor V8
       5.1.2 Vivo Xplay 5
   5.2 Send a Text Message
       5.2.1 Huawei Honor V8
       5.2.2 Vivo Xplay 5
   5.3 Camera 
       5.3.1 Huawei Honor V8
       5.3.2 Vivo Xplay 5
   5.4 Music Player
       5.4.1 Huawei Honor V8
       5.4.2 Vivo Xplay 5
   5.5 Multi-tasking
       5.5.1 Huawei Honor V8
       5.5.2 Vivo Xplay 5
6. Industrial Design Evaluation
   6.1 Physical Attributes
   6.2 Touchscreen Ratings
   6.3 Style Continuum Ratings
7. Conclusion
8. Analyst Contacts
9. Appendix: Participant Profile

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