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Mobile Device Evaluation: Huawei Honor 7, Meizu MX5, and Vivo X5Pro

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Report Summary:

This report presents the findings of Strategy Analytics’ user evaluation of the Huawei Honor 7, Meizu MX5, and Vivo X5Pro smartphones, conducted in China, in August 2015. With a well-received physical appearance, responsive touchscreen and Eyeball ID feature, purchase intention of the Vivo X5Pro by participants was high. Though several participants were not satisfied with the physical design of the Huawei Honor 7, the fingerprint scanner and Smart Key features have brought differentiating experiences to this device, which were well received by consumers. While the usability of the Meizu MX5 has been improved compared to the Meizu MX3, consumers still find this device relatively complex to use.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Initial Impressions
    • Huawei Honor 7
    • Meizu MX5
    • Vivo X5Pro
  • Highlight Features
    • Fingerprint Scanner and Related Features
    • Eyeball ID
    • Huawei Smart Key and Smart Care
    • Huawei Voice Wakeup
    • Huawei Notification Panel
    • Guest Mode
    • Meizu Float Button
  • Usability Findings
    • Make a Call
    • Add Information to a Contact
    • Sending a Text Message
    • Camera
    • Music Player
    • Multi-tasking
  • Industrial Design Evaluation
    • Physical Attributes
    • Touchscreen Ratings
    • Style Continuum Ratings
  • Conclusion
  • Analyst Contacts
  • Appendix: Participant Profile

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