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Interest in 4K TV Rises Slowly Though Price and Lack of Knowledge Still Hinders the Purchase Decision

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Report Summary:

In the US and UK, price is the main reason why respondents reported purchasing their current principle TV. However, in both regions, purchase priorities for a next generation TV have shifted - to embedded smart capabilities and better screen resolution; price and brand are no longer of the top considerations. Respondents expect a clear picture, sharp/vivid images and graphics, and superior sound from a ‘better quality’ video experience. While awareness of 4K technology is low, with several respondents from the survey yet to actually see the difference between 4K and HD TV video quality, interest for the higher resolution 4K technology does exist and is increasing; not only for TVs, but also for mobile phones. Without increasing consumer exposure to 4K TV, there is a real danger that this technology will simply remain as “the next best thing,” rather than become needed, expected and embedded into the TV viewing experience. Promoting 4K through mobile phones may prove to be the catalyst by which the 4K experience will become embedded into the consumers’ daily lives; ultimately making such technology hard to live without.

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