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User Experience Strategies

Integration of Connected Devices & Services: Recommendations for UX Strategy

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Report Summary:

IoT systems such as smart homes, autonomous vehicles, and remote healthcare monitoring systems are evolving the way UX designers do their job. It is no longer possible to design devices in isolation. Instead designers are called to design products that are part of a larger connected collection of services, devices and sensors.  In this report we examine UX issues, propose design recommendations and best practices for designing IoT devices and systems.
Table of Contents

  • Introduction 5
  • 1. Responsive IoT Systems vs “Smart” Systems 6
    • 1.1 Co-Creation/Participatory Design 6
    • 1.2 Co-Creating a Responsive City 7
  • 2. A Move Towards Product-Service IoT Systems 8
    • 2.1 Recommendations 9
  • 3. Inter-usability: A Conceptual Framework 17
    • 3.1 Recommendations for IoT Design Composition 17
    • 3.2 Recommendations for Consistency 20
    • 3.3 Recommendations for Continuity 21
  • 4. Closing the Gap between Mental Models & Conceptual Models. 23
    • 4.1 Recommendations 23
  • 5. Reliability, Privacy & Security. 27
    • 5.1 Recommendations 27
  • 6. Other Interface Issues to Address 34
  • 7. Conclusion 36
  • 8. Analyst Contacts  37

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