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User Experience Strategies

Environment & Appliance Smart Home Automation: Consumer Interest, Expectations, Use Cases & Experience

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Report Summary:

While 2015 has been slow to bring smart home technology to the fore, consumer perceptions are changing. Early adopters of security, appliance and environmental smart home systems are starting to provide valuable evidence-based reviews on the benefits of investing in these systems. Consumers are looking for systems which can assist in everyday living, simplify their lives and provide a safer home environment. Systems which are cost-effective, adaptable and user friendly are essential. In addition, they must also provide contextual learning, remote app control and in the case of environment/appliance smart some systems, voice control. Almost all consumers included in this study are interested in smart home technology because they want their home to be more convenient for everyday life. Wanting the ability to monitor activity away from home, having the latest and greatest technology and wanting to know kids/pets activities while away from home, are also strong drivers of interest. 

Table of Contents

1.            Executive Summary       

2.            Introduction      

3.            Interest in Smart Home Technology       

4.            Purchase Decision          

4.1          Current Interests – Intenders   

4.2          Devices Owned – Owners           

4.3          Purchasing Priorities – Intenders             

4.4          Purchasing Priorities – Owners 

5.            DIY vs. Outsourced vs. Hybrid    

6.            Installation & Setup       

7.            Learning How to Use the Device/System             

7.1          Intenders           

7.2          Owners               

8.            Control & Interaction    

8.1          App       

8.1.1      Intenders           

8.1.2      Owners               

8.2          Devices               

8.3          Smart Hubs        

9.            Usage  

9.1          Intenders – Location and Frequency of Use        

9.2          Owners – Location and Frequency of Use            

10.          Experiences & Satisfaction          

10.1        Intenders – Features Desired    

10.2        Owners – Features Used             

10.3        Owners – Ease of Use   

10.4        Owners – Physical Design            

10.5        Owners – Overall Satisfaction    

11.          Concerns            

12.          Future Purchases            

13.          Desired Use Cases          

13.1        Security Smart Home Devices    

13.2        Environment/Appliance Smart Home Devices    

14.          The Ultimate Smart Home          

14.1        Intenders           

14.2        Owners               

15.          Conclusion         

16.          Analyst Contacts             

17.          Appendix: Participant Profiles (In-home Interviews & Focus Groups)

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