User Experience Strategies

Digital Assistants: Current Experiences and Areas for Improvement

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Report Summary:

This report presents Strategy Analytics’ User Experience Strategies research into the usage of and satisfaction with digital assistants on both smartphones and smart speakers.

Overall frequency of use of smartphone assistants is highest in India and China, with the lowest level of regular use occurring in Western Europe.  Consumers aged 25 to 39 are the more likely users of these digital assistants.  Overall satisfaction is higher for Google Assistant in the US and Western Europe.

While the installed base for smart speakers continues to increase worldwide, current consumer pain points remain which need to be addressed to optimize the user experience.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Methodology:  2
Smartphone Digital Assistants: User Behaviors & Satisfaction:  4
Smart Speaker Digital Assistants: Satisfaction: 13
Improving the Digital Assistant UX:  17
Implications:  24
Analyst Contacts:  27
Appendix: Survey Demographics:  29

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