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Device Benchmark: Roku 3

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Report Summary:

With the abundant amount of connected media devices on the market today, it is imperative that manufacturers of such devices provide standout, value-added features that are unavailable with other connected media devices. Overall, the Roku 3 streaming media device provides a simplified UI that is easy to navigate. However, consumer expectations of a UI for a streaming media device stems from the look and feel of personal devices they use on a daily basis (e.g. smartphone, tablet); a quality that did not resonate for participants when using the Roku 3. When compared to other connected devices on the market, the UI of the Roku 3 was considered less sleek and polished.  However, not only does the Roku 3 provide the typical apps/services and features available on most connected media devices, it also offers users beneficial features unavailable on competitor devices, such as a Wi-Fi Direct remote, an unbiased and comprehensive search, the Roku Feed, the Roku App, and the headphone jack. When it comes to the discovery of content, the Roku 3 has excelled in providing a seamless search for movies, TV shows, and actors/directors, with results from the top streaming channels (e.g. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.); making it easier for users to discover content available and pricing options they might have overlooked, if required to search each service individually.
Table of Contents

3.1     Smart TVs  6

3.2     Dedicated Media Streaming Device  9

6.1     User Interface  16

6.2     Wi-Fi Direct Remote  17

6.3     Text Input 20

6.4     Homescreen  23

6.5     Movie & TV Store by M-GO (US Only) 25

8.1     Roku Feed (US Only) 39

8.2     Channels  42

8.3     News by AOL On  48

8.4     Roku App  51

8.5     Headphone Jack  54

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