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Consumers Prefer Media Content for Free with Advertisements Than to Pay For No Advertisements

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Report Summary:

With the ability to skip, fast-forward or click out of advertisements on many video sources, consumers have the ability to choose when and what advertisements they view and don’t view. Respondents in the US and UK are most likely to sometimes watch video advertisements on TV/online, but most often skip/fast-forward them; compared to respondents in China who are most likely to sometimes not watch/skip/fast-forward advertisements on TV/online, but most often watch them. Respondents indicated that they will watch a video advertisement that appears to be interesting, “catches the eye,” or is for a product or service they are interested in. While there is no convenience in being forced to view advertisements, significantly more respondents in the US, UK and China prefer to get media content for free with advertisements, than have to pay for content with no advertisements. Cable/satellite TV is the main source that influences respondents of all regions to purchase products viewed in advertisements. With the overwhelming use of a second device while watching TV, consumers have quick and easy access to research and purchase products or services seen on TV.

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