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Consumers are Likely to Become Desensitized to the Negative Connotation of Binge Watching

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Report Summary:

Binge watching…the guilty pleasure consumers do not want to admit to nor accept, yet love to partake in. When the term “binge watching” is used to describe TV/video consumption, it is typically depicted as an undesirable, negative behavior – something consumers do not want to associate themselves with. However, consumers are slowly becoming more accustomed to the idea of watching multiple TV episodes back to back; with the majority of respondents in the US, Western Europe, and China having taken part in the act of binge watching previously. OTT SVOD services continue to be the true stimulus of TV/video binge watching behavior. Binge watching TV/video content continues to be fueled by the accessibility and seamlessness of OTT SVOD services, and the simplicity of consumers having the power to stack content in their favor, to view on their own time. Consumers are likely to become desensitized to the negative connotation of binge watching, and come to accept it as the norm as they increasingly rely on OTT SVOD services to supplement their TV/video experience; OTT SVOD original content becomes even more popular as TV seasons are released in their entirety; and more On Demand and DVR content becomes available via cable/satellite TV.
Table of Contents

3.1     Region  8

3.2     Gender 9

3.2.1       US  9

3.2.2       Western Europe  10

3.2.3       China  11

3.3     Age  12

3.3.1       US  12

3.3.2       Western Europe  13

3.3.3       China  14

4.1     Region  17

4.2     Gender 18

4.2.1       US  18

4.2.2       Western Europe  20

4.2.3       China  21

4.3     Age  23

4.3.1       US  23

4.3.2       Western Europe  25

4.3.3       China  27

5.1     Region  32

5.2     Gender 33

5.2.1       US  33

5.2.2       Western Europe  35

5.2.3       China  37

5.3     Age  39

5.3.1       US  39

5.3.2       Western Europe  41

5.3.3       China  43

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