Author: Christopher Dodge

Publication Date: Jan 17 2019

Pages: 25

Report Type: Report, PowerPoint

 User Experience Strategies

CES 2019: Impact of 5G and HMI Advancements on Future UX

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Report Summary:

Though 5G is still years away for mass market deployment and use, it was once again a heavy theme at CES in 2019, though it remained more conceptual than concrete.
Further advancements in HMI around TV, display form factors and emotion detection were demonstrated; while continued advancements in virtual reality suggested that a new way of browsing the web through VR may become the norm.
This show write up goes beyond summarizing some of the more groundbreaking CES 2019 announcements to include how these announcements of future products and services can impact the consumer – both positively and negatively.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary  2
5G Deployment  4
HMI Advancements  9
HTC’s Advancements in VR  15
Apple Partnerships & Health  18 
Concluding Insights  21
Analyst Contacts  23

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