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Author: Paul Brown

Publication Date: Oct 20 2015

Pages: 20

Report Type: Buyer Analysis

 User Experience Strategies

4G LTE Networks in China: Consumers Want Flexible 4G Service Plans

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Report Summary:

This report presents the findings of Strategy Analytics’ study of existing 4G LTE mobile network users in China.  Increasing from 8% coverage in 2014, Strategy Analytics forecasts that 4G LTE mobile networks will reach over half the Chinese population by 2016. Aside from the desire to gain access to a faster mobile network and catch up with the latest technology trends, ‘gifted’ data allowances and convenience to transfer are key opportunities for operators to focus on to attract more consumers to 4G network plans.  Compared to 2014, participants in this study exhibited relatively greater satisfaction for 4G LTE network stability and coverage; while fees and allowances for 4G LTE plans remain the major cause of dissatisfaction.

Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary

2.       Introduction

3.       4G Network Usage

3.1     Motivations to Adopt 4G Network

3.2     Mobile Service Usage of 4G Network Owners

3.3     Current 4G Plan and Data Usage

3.4     Consumer Satisfaction

3.5     Consumer Interest in Plan Modes

4.       Conclusion

5.       Analyst Contacts

6.       Appendix: Participant Profile

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