User Experience StrategiesAdvanced HMI Strategies

Advanced HMI Strategies

UXS Technology Planning Report: HMI

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Report Summary:

There is no one ideal HMI across all devices and platforms; the focus
of HMI needs to be on specific use cases and context. While emerging
HMI technologies can enhance the user experience, consumers have
many concerns that will be difficult to overcome. Strategy Analytics
believes voice and gesture HMI will help to support more contextually
aware artificial intelligence as it continues to evolve.
This report presents Strategy Analytics’ User Experience Strategies
observational research into the needs, behaviors and expectations of
consumers regarding HMI. Based on this research, recommendations
are provided for delivering the most compelling HMI experience.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary   3
Introduction and Methodology   10
HMI Capabilities Comparisons   12
Mature HMI: Touchscreens   14
Mature HMI: Voice   23
Evolving HMI: Gestures   40
Evolving HMI: head-up Displays   49
Evolving HMI: E-Ink Displays   58
Future HMI: Flexible Displays   63
Future HMI: Eye-Tracking   70
Future HMI: Emotion Sensors   77
Future HMI: Transparent Displays   87
Future HMI: Wearable Bio Devices   93
Future HMI: Holographic Displays   104
Future HMI: Thought Control   113
Conclusions   122

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