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While digital transformation brings opportunity to the marketplace, it also increases competition and complexity. To cut through the noise you need to understand the behaviour and motivations of your customers like never before. Each pain point is a chance to turn things around. Using our extensive expertise in observing and research, coupled with deep knowledge of technology and trends, we get you ready to take advantage of as-yet untapped opportunities.


Why should you independently verify the battery life of your devices?

For smartphones and personal electronic devices, battery life is the most important purchase factor and a key driver of post-purchase satisfaction. The ability to accurately measure the real world performance of these products requires a trusted partner who can expertly replicate user behavior. Strategy Analytics has a strong track record of validating battery performance. Our independence lends credibility to the claims of several major brands.

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How we immerse ourselves in your customer's world

We help you answer the only question that matters: ‘what do my customers want?’

Define your opportunity

Define your opportunity

With our world class research tools: persona development, use case definition, ethnographic inquiry, design ideation and deep knowledge of technology trends, we can spot what you’re looking for. 

Develop your concept

Develop your concept

To build a strong concept and value proposition you’ll need our concept testing, prototype evaluation, storyboarding and wireframing as well as our sought-after best practice guidelines. 

Assess your user experience

Assess your users’ experience

Does it meet their need? That’s the deciding question and you’ll find out with our usability testing, experience benchmarking, performance testing and satisfaction analysis. 

Podcast: UX Soup

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User Experience Evaluation: Tesla Smart Summon

Strategy Analytics conducted a user experience evaluation of the Smart Summon automated “valet” feature from Tesla.

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UX Innovation Research Recap - September 2020

Chris Schreiner walks you through the latest research from the UX Innovation Practice including work on immersive communication, smartphone mirroring, and a recent Reuters webinar on V2X. He also discusses the upcoming webinar on trends in communication and information sharing and our podcast, UX Soup.

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Webinar Replay: Trends in Communication and Information Sharing

Zoom has dominated video communication platforms during COVID-19 for both social and business needs. But what is next? SA’s User Experience Strategies service reviews recent research on trends in communication from the micro level to the macro."

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