Author: Halvor Sannaes

Publication Date: Jul 23 2015

Pages: 11

Report Type: Teligen

 OECD Mobile Voice

25 years of OECD baskets

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Report Summary:

This year the OECD Price Benchmarking methodologies have been around for 25 years, since first presented in 1990. This report takes a brief view of the history and development of the OECD Price Benchmarking methodologies, and presents the latest versions of the baskets that have been adopted by the OECD.
Teligen, Strategy Analytics has for 20 years been providing updates to the OECD benchmarking systems.

Table of Contents

1.       The early days of OECD price benchmarking 

2.       A new beginning

3.       Revising the baskets

4.       Providing the benchmarking services

5.       The OECD Baskets in 2015

6.       The future of the OECD Price Benchmarking baskets

7.         OECD Basket coverage from Strategy analytics

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