OECD_Mobile_VoiceOECD Mobile Voice and Data Price Benchmarking

OECD Mobile Voice and Data Price Benchmarking is the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate price tracking and benchmarking service for the wireless voice and data market

What is OECD Mobile Voice and Data Price Benchmarking about?

Mobile voice pricing is arguably one of the most complex areas to evaluate, encompassing both voice and data elements, along with other variants such as pre-paid and post-paid offerings. Tracking and comparing prices in this highly competitive, fast-moving market can be a daunting prospect.

OECD Mobile Voice and Data Price Benchmarking is a comprehensive, easy-to-use Excel-based system which is updated quarterly, and tracks mobile voice and handset data pricing for the 2 main providers in each of the 36 OECD countries plus Columbia & Brazil, as well as providing comprehensive benchmarking capabilities in a single source. The service is based on the internationally respected OECD price benchmarking methodology, and allows users to:

  • Easily track the best prices in and between national markets across all included providers at different usage levels. 
  • Customize benchmark results using self-defined usage profiles within the interactive modelling tool
  • View results in a number of different ways, e.g. with/without VAT, in national or common currency.
  • View the detailed price information on each plan, including data allowances, SMS pricing, promotional offers, usage restrictions and contract terms

OECD Mobile Voice and Data Price Benchmarking Sample Output:
OECD Mobile Voice Price Benchmarking

OECD Mobile Voice and Data Premium Price Benchmarking

The official OECD price benchmarking database for mobile voice services. This includes voice, messages and data usage from handsets.  We cover all 36 OECD countries plus Colombia & Brazil with the top two providers in each country. The Premium service also includes additional providers in each of: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and the US, with coverage of at least 80% combined market share. Tariffs are updated quarterly and are available for download from our website.  The systems are delivered in MS Excel, and include the full calculation of OECD price benchmarking methodology, as well as allowing interactive modelling with self-defined usage profiles. Users can also customize the output to present results for a subset of countries, as well as choosing the number of tariffs to be displayed for each country or provider.

Who will benefit from OECD Mobile Voice and Data Price Benchmarking?

OECD Mobile Voice Price Benchmarking can help anyone who needs to assess and track mobile voice and data prices, and compare and contrast across providers and countries using a proven and trusted benchmarking methodology. Clients include fixed and mobile providers, government bodies and regulators around the world.

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