bundle-benchmarkingTeligen Bundled Communication Price Benchmarking

Teligen Bundled Communication Price Benchmarking

Webinar Replay: Bundled Services Changing the Shape of Provider Portfolio and Pricing

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Report Summary:

Uptake in bundles services is increasing, with consumers benefiting from the convenience, choice and value, and already in many markets, the vast majority of households subscribe to some form of bundle. In both the UK and Spain, over 75% of households buy a bundled service, while in Portgual, the figure is closer to 90%.  Consumers face increasing choice from double, triple, quad and even quint play bundles, and this brings with it complexity around pricing that can make overall cost comparison difficult. The issue of add-on pricing, which often falls under the radar for consumers, can muddy the already difficult-to-navigate waters.

This webinar presents Strategy Analytics’ new service that allows provider, regulators and consumers to analyse the cost of bundled services from over 100 providers across 36 countries for varying types of usage, from double play through to quint play, and looks at the key factors that need to be taken into account. Insight is provided into how countries differ with their bundle strategy, and how the bundling landscape is evolving.

Table of Contents

What are the key drivers and challenges with operator bundling strategy?

What are the most common bundles, and how might this change?

The pricing minefield and the distractors: promotional discounts, service ‘add-ons’.

How do costs compare by country and within country, for selected bundles, and how aligned are competitive offers?

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